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Using My Shopping Cart To Increase Online Sales

Jul 3, 2008
Two years ago, I decided to take on the venture of selling rare books online. My vision was to have people logging on and buying my books by the dozen. Sadly, my vision was replaced by the realization that it was not as easy as I anticipated. In trying to increase my sales, I learned several things along the way.

I was wrong, time past and my sales were scarce, to say the least. If I had a good SEO strategy and good website design, what was wrong? Nothing. And yet, I couldn't help wondering "Everything is alright. But how can I use my shopping cart to beef up my online sales?" I had to read a lot of articles on e commerce shopping cart software to find out!

One thing I learned was to know what you are doing before you take the first step. It is not as simple as just choosing the first software you find. You need to research and study the different options out there so you get the one that best suites your needs

Now that I know what software is appropriate, I still need more information on driving up my sales. I begin to think of my shopping experiences and thought about how I tend to buy things,just because I saw them. This is called impulse buying and is a useful tool for my shopping cart. If an item being purchased is frequently paired with other items, another customer will be inclined to buy those items as well.

Buying more than one item, the customer will be more likely to complete the sale if they are offered a discount. The more they buy, the more they save will keep the customer coming back. Some carts even allow for groups to chat and decide on buying in bulk so everyone receives the benefit.

Another way the shopping cart may help to increase you sales is by creating a well designed affiliate program. It will help you to promote your product for a very low or even null expenditure. A decent shopping cart may also: take care of signup process, provide statistics, check payments, etc.

Customer satisfaction is important to drive sales. To maintain this, the site should include important information such as pictures of the items, shipping cost, and amount of time for the item to arrive. Shipping is one of the most essentials to online retail.

The professionals are always the last and best place to seek help. If you cannot figure out how to increase sales by using your shopping cart, there is no shame in asking someone with more knowledge.
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