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Starting a Work From Home Business?

Jul 3, 2008
Do you want the freedom of working for yourself, not someone else? Do you desire a generous income working from your own home? It's possible to achieve this, but beware! There actually are some excellent work from home programs that will satisfy these desires, but there are vastly more that are simply scams, set up to steal your energy, hope and of course your money.

Thanks to e-commerce (\"Electronic Commerce\") and the Internet, millions of people make a handsome amount of income by working online jobs. These people can be found all around the world, working from their own homes.

However as the saying goes 'there are always two sides to the coin.' There are literally tens of thousands of men and women who have spent a few hundred dollars in the hope that they would generate a good amount of money using the Internet, and ended up getting frustrated and feeling betrayed.

There are thousands of web sites which make grand claims about earning a six-figure incoming doing very little. Any simple web search for 'online jobs\" or 'work for home' will find you many. The problem is - which one can you trust? All of them have pictures of a glamorous life with pools, fast cars, large houses, but is it real, or just hype?

It is, without any doubt, difficult to work out which sites are genuine and which are scams. However, there are a few techniques that you can use to help determine which are genuine and which are not. Companies that lure you in with web sites of private jets, luxurious homes and cars are generally bogus. If the photos are polished and look like they come from a magazine, they may have - or at least were bought from a professional photographer or stock photography company. Look for photos that are obviously snapshots and unpolished.

Also, keep an eye out for outrageous claims. You're not going to make a million dollars your first year in an online business opportunity. Genuine companies don't make such ridiculous claims. Trust only those online companies that have a good track record at industry watchdog organizations. You can also visit online forums and find out other people's opinions and experiences in order to discover genuine online jobs.

There are many legitimate home business reviews on the Internet. Review them before you spend any money. It's too easy to fall prey to bogus companies with dodgy businesses.

Typically, the fraudulent companies demand a one-time membership of $100 or more. It's true that some legitimate companies do too - there are many companies with real work from home jobs, but before spending a single dollar, do your home work. Once a bogus company gets you into the scam they will keep coming after you for more and more money - so it's not merely the initial payment you save by avoiding them.
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