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Reverse Funnel System Scam or Not? Read This Review

Jul 3, 2008
If you've looked to the Google search engines gods to show you the perfect online business, I'm betting you came across the Reverse Funnel System more than a few times. You've seen it before, the shirtless "beach bum" with a lap top sitting between his legs, lounging in a chair outside. It looks pretty cool, but the heart of the matter is whether or not their claims are legitimate. I'm sure you were excited to read about making "$5,000-$10,000 per week" and "6 and 7 figure returns", but the thing that brought it all to a screeching halt was the unusually high start up cost. Am I right? Before you stress over it anymore, I'd like to divert your attention to another program that costs less than half as much, but can be equally as profitable. But first, let's break down the Reverse Funnel System and put it under the microscope.

Let's break things down piece by piece. The first step is filling out an "application", which costs $50. Once that is done, all of the details are THEN revealed to you. At that point, you learn that the Reverse Funnel System teaches its members how to make money with another company called Global Resorts Network. It's a travel membership club that offers discounted stays at high end resorts. The $3,000 is actually a membership fee that goes towards signing up with Global Resorts Network. At that point, you're left to decide whether the Reverse Funnel System is the best system to help you earn commissions with Global Resorts Network.

One thing to immediately evaluate is the high costs of joining. The membership fee is $3,000 and along with that it is recommended that you also have around $2,000 to $5,000 in startup advertisement costs. PLUS, there is also a recurring monthly fee of $300. That's a bit to handle for the average person in America. If anyone does have that kind of money to risk on business ventures, they typically look at these types of opportunities as a means of INCREASING their riches, not MAKE them. So what does this mean? It means that the Reverse Funnel System is tailored for those who HAVE money. Consequently, the little guy is left out and anyone else who doesn't have as much to invest has to look elsewhere.

Furthermore, what does the suggested advertisement budget tell us? It says that advertisement determines the amount of profit; which means that people who join the Reverse Funnel System and have more to invest, make more money; assuming that the system works as it says it does.

There are countless methods for driving traffic to any given website. With most programs like the Reverse Funnel System, that's your only job. You are given a high conversion website that turns visitors into buyers, and all you have to do is get visitors. With the Reverse Funnel System, it's clear that they favor paid advertisement as their means of acquiring those visitors. How about the countless types of free advertisement? I highly doubt that the Reverse Funnel System places a focus on them.

Also, what if you can't afford the Reverse Funnel System? Does that mean that other less expensive opportunities don't size up to RFS? Some would think so; but the cost of a program doesn't necessarily justify how much success you'll have with it.

This brings me to my next subject. Provided you had all of the skills and training to be profitable with any business, could you do it? Theoretically, yes. You always find successful individuals with any company. This is usually because they know what they're doing, and they have experience and the knowledge. If you're new to internet marketing, unfortunately this isn't you. But it doesn't have to be that way. If you know how control internet traffic and direct it to a website of your choice, the options are truly limitless.

What am I getting at? If you have all the skills necessary to market a product online and can find people looking to buy exactly what you're selling, you can be profitable with any affiliate program out there. Go and Google "home based business" and pick a random program. The experienced internet marketer can make money with it, which means you should switch your thinking. Don't ask "Will this opportunity make me money?", but instead ask "Will this opportunity teach me to make money?" There's a big difference between those two questions.

The Wealth Funnel system is the only program I've seen that focuses on educating its members. Like its competitors, it allow individuals to market a product that people want; but its structured to turn any novice internet marketer into a professional one as quickly as possible. It provides all of the necessary materials to bring rookies up to speed, and then gives them a product to practice their newfound skills on. Furthermore, it gives access to pre written ads that have shown to turn profits; but the ads are included as an option among many. It isn't the ads that do the selling, it's the internet marketer; and the Wealth Funnel System knows how to turn you into one.

This concludes my article on the Reverse Funnel System. I hope it'll be of assistance in your evaluation of Ty Coughlin's opportunity. Whether you decide on the Reverse Funnel System or any other program, understand that your success isn't dependent on one key skill but many. Try to find the program that will teach you ALL of those skills.

Wishing you the best, Joe Marquez
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