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Liberty League - LLI Personal Development Products

Jul 3, 2008
The purpose of this article is to look at Liberty League and the 3 products that they offer. Liberty League is a direct sales company that claims to give wealth to it's members by marketing and selling personal development products. The lowest cost of the three products is a home study course and then the two other more expensive products are conferences.

The home study course is a 90 day program called Beyond Freedom. The cost of this program is $1495. With Liberty League's program you get a DVD, 3 audio Cd's, a workbook, a journal, and a few other small things. The purpose of this home study course is to help you in setting new goals and straying away from your old bad habits.

Liberty League's second product is the Liberty Conference. The conference is a three-day personal development quest that adds more with what you have learned from Beyond Freedom. It is usually held at a five star resort in the Bahamas or Hawaii. the cost of this conference is $7,995.

The third product Liberty League has to offer is the Summit Conference. This is a five day seminar that expands even further from the Beyond Freedom and Liberty League Conference. Brent Payne And Shane Krider go all out with this conference. This conference has a price tag of $12,995.

Well you 've probably noticed that Liberty League has some pretty high prices here for their personal development products. The main reason is because in order for Liberty League and the members to make money they then charge a high price for the products that they carry.

When you buy a product with Liberty League you're not just paying for the product. You are paying for a variety of things. A great deal of the money you spend will wind up going into your sponsors pocket. Your sponsor doesn't get to keep all of it though. When you buy the personal development product Beyond Freedom, your sponsor will make $1000 and the rest goes to Liberty League. The conferences will make your sponsor and Liberty League quite rich.

Now is Liberty League a scam because they're charging some very high prices for their personal development products. No of course not. This is just a normal way of people making money and is used in just about every business around. However I do believe they've gone a little too far with the price tag that they've put on their products.

In my conclusion you have to consider the fact that if you decide to join Liberty League you are going to not only have to spend a lot of money to make the big money with Liberty League. But you are going to have to ask the people that your trying to get to join the company to do the same thing. While I do believe you should sell a high end product to make money online, Liberty League's products simply seem to have too big of a price tag for the average person like me.
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