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Interior Office Signage 101

Sita Cole
Aug 8, 2013
When was the last time you really paid attention to a company's interior office signage? If you're thinking of adding commercial signs to your office's interior, it's time to start paying attention. Like artwork, interior office signage must appeal to your sense of style. However, because interior signs are also commercial signs, they must also contain branding elements and readily communicate your message to visitors. That's a lot of work for a humble sign to accomplish. Thus, the importance of noting what you do and do not like about interior signage you encounter when visiting other offices.

Use Your Powers of Observation

The first step is to look around and see how others have approached their interior signage. Anytime you visit an office, look for an interior sign and observe it with the following questions in mind:

Is it visually appealing? Easy to read? Is the size appropriate for the space?

What does it say about the company? For example, modern commercial signs with bold colors may suggest innovation while a more neutral color palette may suggest a more conservative philosophy.

Does it fit with the company's culture as you know it? If a company is known for being traditional and serious, whimsical interior signage would send a different message.

Does it adhere to other branding elements you're familiar with? Does the sign incorporate the same color scheme, line types, font, or logo you've seen on business cards, stationary, or the company's website?

Do the sign materials reflect the company's image? While a massive gold-plated sign might be perfect for Trump Industries, it would be inappropriate for a charitable organization.

While you're at it, snap photos of the interior commercial signs. You can use these later when meeting with the sign company as examples of what you like and dislike.

Identify Your Preferences

After paying attention to what other businesses have done with their interior office signage, it's time to think about what you want for your own office. Again, think about visual appeal, what a sign says about your company, fit, branding, and image. Look at the photos you took earlier. Which signs did you like? What did you like about them? Is there a common thread? For example, if most of the signs you liked featured sandblasted glass, make a note of that. If a particular size or shape struck your fancy, that's worth noting, too.

Think About Your Company's Image

While your personal tastes should play a part, it's important to make sure they align with your company's image and branding. Start by listing the interior signage features or materials you liked the most. Next, create a list of adjectives that describe your company. Which sign features match your adjectives?

Now that you have a stack of photos of interior commercial signs that you like and dislike as well as a list of sign features and materials that fit with your company image, you're ready to meet with an interior office signage designer who can take your ideas, fine-tune them, and design the perfect sign for your office.
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The author of this article is a creative marketing manager and has experience working on advertising and business branding projects with creating business signage from Blue Pond Signs. You can connect with Sita over at Google+ for any questions.
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