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What It Takes To Become A Super Affiliate

Jul 3, 2008
You already know that affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start making money on the Internet. You sign up with affiliate programs, drive traffic to their sites through your own marketing efforts, and earn money.

However, the amount of money you earn per click or per lead through affiliate marketing may not be very much. That means you have to drive a lot of traffic their way if you want to earn a substantial income.

Unless, of course, you decide to become a super affiliate.

What is a Super Affiliate?

First, let me give you a fact about being an affiliate. Millions of people who sign up with affiliate programs don't bring much or any traffic to the program. They don't deliver results and earn nearly nothing in terms of revenue for their lackluster efforts.

In every program, however, you will have a handful of affiliates who are dedicated to what they are doing and are responsible for generating the vast majority of traffic and leads for their program. These people are known as super affiliates.

Why become a Super Affiliate?

To answer that question, let's look at a similar scenario outside of affiliate marketing. Let's say you own a store. Every day you see customers come in and make a few small purchases. They may come back periodically but they aren't regulars. Then you have a couple of customers you see every week. They spend a significant amount of money in your store each visit and even refer new customers to you.

Are you going to treat these customers the same as all the others? Or are you going to find little ways to show how much you appreciate their loyalty?

If you know anything about good business, then the answer is you are going to make them feel special. And that's exactly why you want to become a super affiliate.

The businesses for which you are an affiliate are going to appreciate your hard work and should reward you for your extra efforts. Those rewards may come in the form of higher commissions, for example. That means you can earn even more money than the average affiliate. Millions of people are joining these programs but only you and a few others will deliver so expect to be rewarded appropriately.

Successful Affiliate Marketing Approaches:

When you are working towards being a super affiliate, you need to take a unique approach to generating that traffic. You won't make the cut if you do what everyone else is doing.

One idea is to use an autoresponder series. You create a series that you offer for free through your web site. People sign up and give you their email addresses. Within each of the autoresponder messages, you can promote your specific affiliate programs - make sure those promotions are appropriate and not too obvious.

After you've completed the series, you can still use the email addresses you've collected for further affiliate marketing efforts.
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