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How to Put Your Images Onto the WWW

Jul 3, 2008
Hey, I'm Stephen Gilbert, and i'm here to help. I'm the Owner and founder of www.ImageSafe.us, and we've decided to take some time and teach everyone just how easy it is to get your favorite pictures from your camera onto the internet in just minutes. If you've ever wanted somehow to get your images online you've come to the right place. Here's a How To:

If you want to transfer your favorite pictures from your camera, to the internet, or even from your computer, to the internet, here's how you do it.

Camera to the Internet:

1. Take the chord that came with the camera, usually a USB/FIREWIRE Chord, and plug one end into the camera, the other into the compute.

2. Turn the camera on.

3. If the software that came with the camera is installed, follow the easy steps to get it onto the computer.

4. If software isn't installed this is what you want to do, Go to, My Computer, Click on the drive that has the weird name, like "Camera" or "ASX16&ZD". Usually thats the camera. If you see a drive thats on there that's not C:// drive just click on all the folders in the my computer screen until you come to your images.

5. If your software wasn't installed and you had to manually find the images, all you have to do now is create a new folder on your desktop and just drag the images from the drive to the new folder.

6. Now the Images are on your computer. Now, you need to get them on the internet.

7. To get pictures on the internet you need to find an image hosting site. We recommend www.ImageSafe.us - Some sites may require you to register, just for their database use, but some do not. You can always do a Google search.

8. Once you've found your image hosting site, you want to look for the image hosting form. Usually its on the first page.

9. Now, On the form click on browse, and go to the new folder you created.

10. Load all the images one by one onto the form and hit upload.

11. Now, after you hit the upload a page should come up with links to the images.

12.Highlight the links, right click, hit copy, And then your set!

From Computer to the internet!

(This one is for if you already have your images on your computer, and you need to get them onto the World Wide Web!)

1. Locate the folder that the image/images are in.

2. Go to www.ImageSafe.us, or any other image hosting site. You can google

Free Image Hosting and that will direct you where you need to go.

3. When you get to your site, look for the upload box

4. Hit browse

5. Locate the image, hit "OK"

6. Then hit upload.

7. There ya go! all set! Highlight the links, right click, and hit copy

You can now right click and paste those links anywhere you want! Whether it be your email, your website, your blog. Anywhere! Now your images are on the internet!
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Stephen Gilbert is the owner of a well known image hosting site. He heads the ImageSafe.us Team. www.ImageSafe.us - The Free Image Hosting Community
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