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Corporate Apparel: Double Your Bond with Your Customer

Jul 3, 2008
How many times have you been driving and spotted a McDonald's restaurant. Not because you saw the red and white sign that said "McDonald's," but you saw the yellow M, or as it is most commonly known, the "golden arches?" When you go inside to order, all of the employees are dressed in the corporate apparel. This is the power of a company brand. How can your company achieve the golden arches phenomenon? The buying public is accustomed to associating a company with a logo, a brand. But, it doesn't usually start out that way.

The Embroidered Polos and the Customer for Life

Company Name: Usually, the first association a customer makes with a company is via its name and/or the name of the company representative they interact with. This is the foundational building block that can lead to a life-long association.

In the beginning stages, the corporate apparel of many companies may not even have a logo; just the company name and the name of the customer service representative. And this is fine. But, when companies expand, one of the first things they should do is create a company logo. In fact, this is a hallmark of large companies.

Brand Association: A company truly knows that it has moved beyond a mom and pop shop when its corporate shirts, for example, are embroidered polos with the company logo. What's the significance of a logo? A logo represents many things on many levels to a company - its product, its target market, its values, etc. This is why many companies spend thousands getting it designed and thousands more protecting it via copyright.

This logo will be emblazoned on corporate apparel in the form of custom company shirts, embroidered polos and company clothing in general. Corporate apparel stretches beyond clothing to water bottles, pens, mouse pads, etc.

When a company can look up and see its employees wearing its corporate apparel emblazoned with its newly created Embroidered Polos, it can feel that it has indeed arrived.
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