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Choosing The Proper Keyword For Your Niche

Jul 3, 2008
If you have ever designed and built your own website you know what keywords are and the importance of them. Everything on the internet revolves around keywords. People that create their first website may not be aware when they first begin designing a website, but eventually learn the importance of them if they ever want anyone to visit their website.

Keywords are what your website is built around or what your website is about. Keywords tell the search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo about your website and helps them index your website in the proper categories. Figuring out what your keyword is may not be difficult, however deciding on what variation your keyword should be can be difficult.

If you are considering building a website that focuses on golf, then golf would likely be your keyword. Golf is an excellent keyword. There is a great deal of interest in golf and people spend massive amounts of money on golf which means you could make a lot of money promoting golf products on your website. Great! But there is one problem with using golf as your keyword. Thousands of others are using this very same keyword which means there is a great deal of competition for the keyword golf. To rank high in the search engines for the word golf would take many, many months and maybe years to attain the number one position in Google or the other search engines.

Websites that have been around for years already dominate the first positions and the possibility of your new website ranking anywhere near these older and more established websites is non-existent. Google, Yahoo and MSN place a great deal of importance on websites that have aged and weathered the up and downs of the market and persevered, standing the test of time and rightly so. These websites are legitimate and provide searchers with what they are looking for in the first place. This does not mean a person should not shoot for these number one positions if you have a good product and are willing to make it a long term goal. It can be done but only after hard work and dedication.

Golf is such a huge market that here are ways to have a website dedicated to golf and be profitable without relying on the keyword golf. Many business and websites are profitable using keywords that are a derivative of golf such as:

Golf shoes
Golf bags
Golf balls
Logo golf balls
Golf equipment
Golf travel cases
Discount golf

These are called long tailed keywords with this list being just a few of the possibilities of long tailed keywords that a golf related website can be centered around. Using long tailed keywords to build your website around offers the possibility of being able to rank your website quicker in less competitive niches. It also allows you to begin on the path to go after main keywords like golf later after your site has aged and established a reputation in the search engines as a legitimate website. Going after highly competitive keywords such as gold when you are just starting out will only lead to frustration and disappointment. Concentrate on the long tailed keywords and you will be rewarded quicker as well as build your confidence to pursue more competitive keywords as your website ages and grows in legitimacy.
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