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The Importance Of Lean Manufacturing Strategy

Jul 3, 2008
Many companies lose their clients because they don't have a good definite plan to work with. A good plan involves implementing strategies that are better on long term than on short term. A good strategy plan would be lean manufacturing as it makes everything better and more efficient.

Implementing lean manufacturing techniques has been found effective in the survival and success of a company or an organization. This is because of the 'elimination of seven wastes' philosophy this program espouses.

For a shorter version, what lean manufacturing aims to teach is the on time, at the right time and at the right quantity approach to production. For instance, producing too much that what is needed is often detrimental to a company. Sure, it shows that targets have not only been achieved, but grossly surpassed. But this does not always entail success.

Is Inventory Influenced By Lean Manufacturing?

Companies shouldn't waste their time, resources, and money by making more product than they need. They will end up in their warehouses with nobody to buy them. So, avoid producing too much.

Products left in the warehouse tend to age and they will no longer be sold at their original price. This brings disadvantages for the company's profit and reputation. Unfortunately, if you continue producing more this will happen to a lot of your products.

Before you plan to implement lean manufacturing strategies, it's best to be prepared. Critics are not kidding when they say that lean manufacturing is somewhat tricky, because the preliminary preparations can, indeed, deter you from pushing through.

Before looking away and completely refusing this strategy think about the long term benefits. These can be amazing. Of course some products left to rot in your warehouse don't make much difference now but products left during a longer amount of time will surely make a difference when it comes to profit.
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Lean Manufacturing can be just the strategy your business needs. With the focus on increasing profits while reducing wastes, this concept is suitable for all businesses.
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