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Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants In Your Home Business

Jul 3, 2008
Everywhere we see business. We see large businesses, and some that are not so large. With a home business, how can you go so far ahead that the competition needs binoculars to see? How are you going to compete and win with all those multinationals with advertising budgets of millions of dollars?

You have a vision, and without one there is a problem. You see, the big multinationals have a long term vision for there business. You may think that this is not needed for your small home business, but I beg to differ. You can only take your home business forward when you do similar things to the large corporations, and no it does not need to be a press release you release to let people know your home businesses vision.

You have this home based business, and you want to make it a success, God knows how much effort you have put into it. This is the only way to succeed with your home business, is with consistent, smart actions. You can beat the competition because you are smaller. You can offer much better service, and cater for the customer which many large businesses often can't do.

Your ability to stand on the shoulders of giants is dictated by your ability to seize new opportunities. Perhaps there is a niche in what you do. For the big corporations, in most cases it proves unprofitable to them. Not because of the lack of profit, but because these markets produce less than a million dollars, as an example. This gives you room to take that market. I am sure a portion of a million dollars is worth your time.

You can't teach old dogs new tricks is a belief that many people hold. If you find yourself with such a mentality, think for a moment the cost of that. Think of the cost of not knowing new things, new ways to run your home business.

To really stand on the shoulders of giants in your home based business, needs constant learning. You can learn practically when you take action in your work from home business, over time, you start to master more and more. However, even though this is a great method, it does not deal with getting out of the box. That is what almost all business owners do.

The best way to break out of the box is to look at how others are running there home businesses successfully. Look for inspiration. There are many books and tape programs that can help you propel forward in your work from home business.

Life coaches are another great source for helping you stand on the shoulder of giants. A life coach studies the practices of success and with the knowledge they have for coaching many different people and businesses, they are a great way to succeed in a shorter period of time.
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