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Ezine - The Ultimate Promotion Tool

Jul 3, 2008
Online marketing is not always a profitable business. It has its own disadvantages. Though people may sign up for free mails and reports, many of them regard it as junk and delete them or do not read them at all. Then, how do you promote your products usefully?

Simple, e-magazines or e-zines are the answer. They are extremely effective because of the following five reasons:

It maintains relationships unobtrusively
It is an easy way to keep in contact with your prospects and clients. It's important to keep reminding your prospects about you, but in a subtle manner. However, it is not easy sending mails to tons of people.

Here is where e-zines come in. They help sustain the bond between you and your prospects without intruding on their privacy. Your prospects will, most probably, remember you and come to you when they need your help.

It's an easy way to connect to your prospect's contacts
Sending e-zines regularly with interesting information will impress your readers. If they like it a lot, they'll forward it to their contacts and this will keep going on.

To facilitate this, you could set up a function enabling readers to send the e-zines to friends along with your URL. Your readers contacts can access your site, thereby increasing your traffic. This technique is called viral marketing.

It can help recognize you as a specialist
Sharing your knowledge with your clients and prospects will impress them and gain their trust. Spreading this knowledge will lure a lot of visitors. Eventually, you will be rated as an expert in our field. This will boost your sales and your traffic.

It helps get you the contact addresses of your visitors
Most visitors just casually browse through sites without any serious intention of buying anything. To get them interested, you can make them sign up for your e-zine.

Make sure you offer them information related to your field. It also wouldn't hurt to throw in a few freebies like an e-book or a discount.

Then, try and convince your visitors about the benefits of your products. Do not forget to deliver on your promise and send useful information to them. You have a better chance of selling your product after sending a few e-zines.

It does not drain your resources and can be published without difficulty
It is an easy to connect with your target audience without shelling out too much of your resources. It can also be sent to a large number of people without incurring any expenditure.

It is better to keep your information simple and straightforward. This will give the reader more clarity. It also promote you as a simple and transparent company.

You are probably convinced about the benefits of an e-zine. If you are not, you should send one out and see the response you get. You will find that the results will speak for themselves. There is no harm in trying and you have got nothing to lose. It will also get you free publicity. So, go for it!
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