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You're Only Going To Make Money on The Ideas You Implement

Jul 3, 2008
I want to share with you a piece of advice that I received from my good friend Armand Morin.

Previously to this piece of advice I had been gaining tremendous value from the information from various online mentors, but I had yet to gain any financial rewards. This piece of advice completely changed that.

Using this piece of advise I was able to generate over $111,000 in revenue on one project in less than eight weeks.

Here's what Armand told me -

I had all these new ideas for products and services that I wanted to put together as one big package. I was really excited about its possibilities.

I sat down with Armand and I opened up my laptop and I booted up my Mind Mapping software and I started to show him all my new ideas. Man, I was excited.

He said, "Stop right there." He grabbed my mouse and closed my Mind Mapping software.

He said, "Stu, it doesn't matter how many ideas you generate, you're only going to make money on the ones that are implemented. Focus on the implementation." Write that down - focus on the implementation.

You won't make money by just having an idea. Once you sell that idea as a completed product is when you will start making money. If someone can see, feel, hear or experience your product they are more likely to buy it then imaging what it will be like.

John Reese is a great example of using this. When he launched Traffic Secrets he sent all of his high-level affiliates physical copies. You might be thinking, sending physical copies to a targeted list would cost money. Yes, but having it right in front of them they are able to see the value of the product instead of someone trying to describe it to them.

Focusing on the implementation is an absolute crucial step for everyone to pay attention to because until an idea is completed you can't make any money from it. Finished products mean an avenue to generate revenue.

A good example of that, when I was there with Armand, he booted up his laptop, went on the Internet, and he said, "I want to show you something," and he showed me a couple of his sites that he has products selling on, and he said, "Okay. With that in mind, I want to buy what you have right now, Stu. I want to buy it. Where do I go to get it?"

I was dumbfounded. Why? Because I didn't have my product completed, and/or products that I did have complete, I didn't have up for sale. I didn't have a sales letter up, I didn't have a way that people could opt-in to find out new information, I didn't have an auto responder series set up, I didn't have my shopping cart set up, I didn't have anything set up where people could buy from me.

In a matter of seconds I learned a very valuable lesson. No matter how many ideas you may have, you can only make money by selling completed ideas.

I hope that this got everyone reading this thinking about what they can do to get their product/service out there to your customer base.

You can have the greatest idea in the world but until you implement it, your business is not going to see a single cent for it!
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