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Cash Gifting Paralyzed by the FUD's

Jul 3, 2008
Thinking about getting involved in cash gifting? Beware of the FUD's.

FUD's will rob you of all forward action. It will cause you to sit idly by and watch others succeed while you only dream of success. FUD's are no respecter of person. NO one is exempt from their grip. They paralyzes the young and old, the experienced and inexperienced. They will neutralize the power of a truly great cash gifting program like the My Viral Cash Flow System, Cash Arrives 365, The Over Night Cash System (TOCS), NOSS123 and Spirit of Wealth (SOW) so that the power of the program and system never works for you. FUD's are cruel and heartless. Take notice, you have been warned.

So, what are the FUD's? Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. Three paralyzing emotions that pull at your mind and rip the heart from your creativity and activity. Let's look at these quickly.

Fear. While fear is a positive emotion that can serve you wonderfully in life, for many it is a crippling emotion. The fear of failure, risk, change and the unknown will cause you to never try what needs to be done to change your situation in life.

Let me ask you a question: What fears are controlling you? These fears are not new to you. They have been with you since childhood. They controlled you then and they control you now. They have caused you to fail time and time again. When action was required, you drew back in fear and someone else got that date with the person you wanted to get to know. Because you refused to step up, someone else got the job or position you could have had.

You must face your fears and take actions now or they will continue to destroy your life. You can succeed in cash gifting, but only if you overcome your fears and act.

Uncertainty. We will never have all the answers before we take action in anything we ever attempt to do. There will always be a question mark. A what if situation. But you must be willing to act on what you know. Investigate the opportunity. Study the situation. Weigh out your options. Then you must decide a course of action. Make a decision and move forward.

This is want separates the highly successful people from those who never make it. It's not talent or skill. Many very talented, smart people have gone by the wayside achieving nothing in their life. Why? They can never make a decision. And when they finally do make a decision, the window of opportunity is closed and they are on the outside looking in. How many people have you heard make statements like this, "If I had just known then what I know now, I would be ...."

Listen, there is an opportunity now for you to change your life through cash gifting. They question is will you act? Could you FAIL? Yes. Could you SUCCEED? Yes. But, you will never know till you get up, face the moment, take the risk and try.

Doubt. So, is the glass half-full? Or, half-empty? Many people concentrate on the negatives in life: Why something can't work instead of looking at why it can work. What do you concentrate on? Are you always talking about why you can't succeed? Or, do you find ways to succeed even in difficult times and focus on accomplishing them?

Doubt will absolutely defeat you. If you don't believe in the cash gifting system and in your ability to do it, you will fail. The My Viral Cash Flow System, TOCS, Cash Arrives 365, NOSS 123, Gifts for Life and Spirit of Wealth are all great systems. People have proven that they work. But, do you believe they will work for you? Are you concentrating on all the reasons for failure? Or, are you concentrating on the reasons for success?

FUD's are real. Either you conquer them or they will conquer you. There is no middle ground. Don't let the FUD's win.
About the Author
Jimmy Barry lives near Atlanta Ga. and works for a non profit organization. He has been marketing online since August 07 and has been involved in helping people become leaders for many years in the churches he has pastored. Visit his website to learn more about cash gifting: http://CashToYou247.com
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