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Choosing Website Promotion Software

Jul 3, 2008
It is a generally popular belief that it is very easy to make money on the internet. While this can sometimes be true, it most certainly does not mean that you, in particular, will find success effortlessly. Runaway success stories are few and far between and, quite often, the ones you read about on the internet are patently not true.

Running an online business is similar to running a conventional business; you need to put a lot of hard work and dedication to get your internet business off to a good start. Conducting the appropriate amount of market research into your target niche and then creating a website is very time consuming. As such, you may need to employ a team to allow you to achieve professional results.

If you do decide to go it alone, help is available in the form of website promotion software. Web promotion software will help you with a number of problems that those unfamiliar with the web routinely experience when promoting their website.

You can use this type of software to manage keyword density in articles, page ranking, and even search engine optimization. In deciding which particular program in which to invest, you should choose software that will help you attract the most qualified web traffic for your particular business area.

Most of these solutions will offer article marketing, website promotion, and search engine optimization. The following is a brief description of each.


SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the hottest topics in terms of internet marketing. It is one of the most important aspects to improve the success of your website. SEO involves placing keywords and using META tags in such a way as to ensure that your site ranks as high as possible in search engine results.

You should always use carefully crafted, specific keywords to optimize your website's ranking.


SEM, or search engine marketing, is another type of marketing that is utilized to promote your online business. There are a number of different forms of SEM, which can include paid inclusion, SEO and search engine placement. Many search engines provide helpful tools to make it easier to achieve higher rankings, but they can be expensive to implement.

Google Adwords, Microsoft adCentre and Yahoo! Search marketing are all examples of SEM suppliers. You should spend some time researching the best option to make sure that your website ranks highly, but in a manner which remains cost effective to your overall business.

Article Marketing

Marketing your website with articles is becoming increasingly popular. It is a simple technique by which you can use short articles to promote almost anything, including your website, service or product. Most importantly, it is a cheap and generally efficient way to drive traffic to your site, and there are a number of article submission websites to which you can submit your articles.

Some freelancing sites even offer ghost-writing services so you don't have to write anything yourself. Most articles are around 500 words in length and very descriptive. However, you should create a generic article rather than just promoting your product throughout the article, as this will have the greatest appeal to the largest amount of people. To promote your particular site, you need to use the resource box to link back to your site.

Website Ranking

The rank of your website is of paramount importance because most browsers will not view past the second page of results when using a search engine. Getting your site onto the first page should be your ultimate goal, although page two can be good enough in some cases. In order to get a good ranking you need to ensure that:

- All of your HTML code is W3 compliant
- Your website is optimized for certain keywords
- The description makes people want to read your website
- Your website has links from other websites
- You have paid advertising on popular websites

Finding Good Website Promotion Software

The best software for website promotion depends on your particular needs. Website promotion software should help you market your site, but it must also do so cost effectively. As such, you will need to establish a firm budget and identify an overall package that will suit your particular needs to the greatest possible effect.
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Chris Coleman is a Business Analyst at Capita Technologies. Capita Technologies provides web promotion services for a wide variety of clients.
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