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How Call Routing Can Benefit Your Business

Jul 3, 2008
Call routing refers to the technology of routing, or directing calls from one point to another. When you place a long distance call from your home phone, your phone service provider picks the best route for your call depending on the time of day, cost, and line congestion.

Many businesses utilize this technology to direct call to specific people within an organization based on the calls origin. For example, say you have placed an advertisement for your business on the television and radio, and in the newspaper. In each advertisement, you are marketing a different product, and in each advertisement, you used a unique toll-free number. With call routing, you may automatically route incoming calls to specific toll-free numbers to different salespeople based on their knowledge of the different products you are selling. This eliminates the need to place callers on hold for a prolonged period of time, and reduces the instances of dropped or incomplete calls. If youve ever been on the other end of a call, as a customer, you know how frustrating it can be to feel as though you will never reach a real person when you place a call to a business.

Some call routing systems use voice command system instead of pressing buttons to direct the call. Call routing is designed to get each caller to the most appropriate agent in the shortest time possible. Avoiding long wait times and getting the caller directly to someone who can handle their request or issue (without being transferred and having to repeat their situation and request) can have a substantial impact on customer satisfaction and agent efficiency.

In conclusion, call routing saves your salespeople time, reducing the need for them to transfer incoming calls to a more qualified salesperson. It also increases the chances that your potential customers will reach someone knowledgeable about the product in which they are interested, likely maximizing your sales. Businesses who have used it report higher rates of successfully completed transactions, fewer unnecessary calls, overall reduced costs, and fewer transfers and reduced length of calls, among other benefits. There are many call routing service providers to choose from, but in general you should look for one that offers many different types of telephony solutions, including a system to manage inbound 1-800 calls. Do your research, choose carefully, and get ready to experience the benefits of this technology for your business and yourself.
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