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Lean Manufacturing-An Overview

Jul 3, 2008
In order to understand what the lean manufacturing strategy works, we must first describe it.

Lean manufacturing strategy actually means using different ways to make sure that all the unnecessary practices and the ones that consume too much time are eliminated. Examples of unnecessary or time consuming practices are: overproduction, big amounts of time spent on certain activities, transportation and constant motion. These activities usually require a lot of energy and resources which lower the production and are neither effective on long term nor short term.

what is the purpose of lean manufacturing?

To make things simple, this whole process actually wants to reduce all extra costs and effort. This can be easily done if people stop using aged strategies that take big amounts of time and keep their company from making better profit.

This might sound strange at first, but things can get better if you use lean manufacturing strategies. If long term benefits are what you are looking for, you will notice that lean manufacturing is the best option you can get. If you used a certain strategy and you are afraid of changes than keep in mind that change is good as long as it brings benefits.

Who Is Able To Use Lean Manufacturing?

Companies who wish to optimize their production process will definitely choose lean manufacturing as their strategy. Lean manufacturing helps get more efficient work processes for less money and less amount of time spent.

In these companies the lean manufacturing is most beneficial.
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Lean Manufacturing can be just the strategy your business needs. With the focus on increasing profits while reducing wastes, this concept is suitable for all businesses.
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