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Benefits of Panama Anonymous Corporations

Jul 4, 2008
One of the advantages of investing in Panama is the government's provision on law for assets protection this entity has been created by the law 32 of 1927. Aside from the assets under the private interest foundation which allows the natural owner to control his assets under the name of the foundation, Panama also provides law on Panama Anonymous Corporation. In fact, Panama is the only country in the world who allows such anonymous existence of corporation for the singular purpose of operating through the use of actual shares of stocks instead of actual name of the natural owner. With the Panama Anonymous Corporation, the state does not generally know the owner behind the corporation aside from the fact the persons involved in the corporation have the shares.

There are various advantages for establishing Panama Anonymous Corporations. One is that the natural owner will have full control of the assets of the corporations that the state or the other persons involved may not know of. The attorneys may know who the owners of the corporation are but they would not know to whom did the owner transfers the shares to. The certificate of stocks of the corporation needs not to have names of the owners or the bearer. What is carries is the number of the certificate. Second advantage is that the corporation is not subject to taxes and does not necessarily have tax returns files in Panama. The certificate of stocks are not also limited to be in Panama but can also be carried abroad.

The Panama Anonymous Corporations can still function as a legal entity in Panama. However, it does not require registry in the Public Office in Panama because the owners and the members of the corporation are not necessarily recorded and can even be transferred easily. What the corporation needs to do is to contact an attorney that will legalize the operation by identifying the members and the directors. However, among the names and directors, the attorney cannot identify who is the real owner of the Panama anonymous corporation.

As a legal entity, the Panama anonymous corporation can own a property from locations that it chose worldwide. If the corporation wishes to sell, it just has to transfer the corporation's share together with bills signed by the directors of the corporation stating the sale made. Aside from properties, the Panama anonymous corporation can also acquire other assets like cars, equipments, jewelry, and can even own bank account, all without revealing the real names of the natural owners. This way, there is high protection of assets under the anonymous name. But the transactions can be monitored by the attorneys. The required signatories should bear a name which the attorneys will know but will not be revealed if it the natural owner of the corporation. In essence, the Panama anonymous corporation is controlled by the anonymous owner. But the transactions and operations can be assisted by attorneys who ensure that the transactions are legal and valid. A strong communication of the nominated person of the corporation and the attorney is required to make the operation of the corporation possible.
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