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Internet Marketing Strategies That Give You Hope But Little Tangible Results.

Jul 4, 2008
Man lives in hope. So do most Internet Marketers especially those new to Internet Marketing. Some of the strategies they adopt seldom yield the results and the success they are striving hard to achieve. As long as there is enthusiasm and hope that something, somewhere, sometime will click, these free easy and simple strategies will continue to be popular among them. What then are these strategies?

1. Traffic Exchange:

One begins to wonder how successful these traffic exchanges are for marketing your products. There is no doubt that some surf and view the websites seriously but most members of these exchanges surf only to get credits so that their own website too would obtain exposure proportionate to the credits they had earned for surfing. These visitors are mere passers by doing some window shopping and not serious targeted visitors yet the newbies will spend hours clicking away.

2. Reciprocal Link Exchange:

Some internet marketers agree to be your reciprocal link exchange partner but after a while resort to unethical practices, either (a) by removing your link from their link directory, or (b) by inserting a the rel="no follow" tag which tells search engines that this link is spam and it's not to be followed thus enjoying the advantage of a one way inbound link and traffic from your site while you loose a reciprocal link and traffic too. Similarly exchanging links with sites that have a higher PR. than yours but having no relevancy to your site is unproductive since search engines give credit only for linking with quality relevant sites. The traffic generated from those sites will be minimal and the whole exercise will be a waste of time.

3. Safe Lists:

This is an "opt in" process where you cannot be accused of spamming. Here the internet marketing strategy is that in exchange for submitting your own ads. You have to agree to receive e-mails from the other members in the list, promoting their products. The problem here is that everyone is vying head over heels to promote his or her own product or services. There are only sellers and no buyers. The smart internet marketers have a separate e-mail especially for this purpose and delete all the thousands of e-mails they receive without even reading a single.

4. Free For All Pages:

Advertising in FFA. Or Free For All Pages is again one of the free internet marketing strategies that attract many new internet marketers. There are different categories and thousands of ads. are posted everyday by them with the hope that their ads. will be read by the visitors and that they would click on the links and visit the respective websites. Unfortunately this seldom happens since almost everyone is an advertiser and furthermore these ads. remain visible only for a few minutes and disappear from view as new ads. are added; yet the temptation to post ads. in FFA's continues.

5. Classifieds:

There are thousands of free classifieds sites in the internet but only a few stands out with high traffic. These sites have several pages for each category of products and services to be advertised. The problem again is that every internet marketer is anxious to promote his business but only a small percentage really visits these sites exclusively to learn about products and make purchases.


Most internet marketers have at some stage implemented some or all of these internet marketing strategies especially when they were new to the internet or working with a low budget. These are time consuming strategies and the rewards do not compensate the effort put in.
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