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Can We Make Money With Cash Gifting?

Jul 4, 2008
Does cash gifting work? Well, this article will enable you to judge for yourself. The cash gifting activity is based on the 'one up' gifting principal that has been around for many years and at least two of the programs have been going for eight years or so.

All the cash gifting programs claim to have tens of thousands of members, many of whom have made a full time career of this activity. A not to be underestimated advantage to participants is that in most jurisdictions gifting to various levels is free of tax. Check that one out with your tax authorities!

In researching this article we have researched five gifting programs with a low entry level of only $500 and therefore available to most people. There is one Gifting Program that has an entry level of $5,000. rising to $18,000. The programs are administered using 3rd party cash gifting software that keeps track of referrals and cash gifts received.

There are no reported problems regarding the software of any of the programs. The cost of the, software is $120 per year on average. There are no commissions of any kind to anybody, which means, that the $120 hosting fee is the organiser's income and what keeps it all together. Neither the organiser nor anybody else takes a commission from the gift. The gift is strictly from one member to another. There is no pyramid and there are no fat-cats involved whatsoever.

Members state that anybody contemplating a career in this activity can expect to receive expert guidance from day one. Members also claim that on joining you can expect to be pointed to a wealth of recourses to help you make a successful career of this activity.

All the hosting program providers sell every imaginable marketing aide at an assortment of prices to a highly focused market. Help with choosing these aides is essential, which brings us to the quality of your inviter, a point that we will expand on below

They all have weekly and some daily conference calls to invite your cash gifting club prospects to hear others discussing the activity, the participants sound wholesome enough. They are referred to as clubs because that, in essence, is what they are.

The cash gifting programs appeal to many people because they have 3 levels of gifting: $500, $1,500 and $3,500. Cash gifts are delivered to participants via Fedex, UPS or DHL.

These cash gifting clubs have been in existence long enough to have attracted many experienced leaders over the years and seem to enjoy a well organised support structure, which leads us to a point of caution. Unlike any commercial organisation they can not be joined at will, an invitation from a member is required. It seems, therefore, that we should scrutinise our inviter on two points: Is he/she making a career of this activity? If not, were they invited themselves by somebody who is? And, will you have access to that successful person?

Logically, if we as inexperienced members invite others to join; what credibility would we have? The answer it seems is to make sure that there is successful experience close to your inviter in order to have that same experience close to you. This is an initial caution of course because time will give experience to all new members including you.

Members state that anybody contemplating joining their gifting club can expect to receive expert guidance from day one. Members also claim that on joining you can expect to be pointed to a wealth of recourses to help you.

When evaluating any cash gifting program get as much information as you can before getting involved, as stated above, you can not access them without being invited.

Answers to all the questions below are given on all the gifting club websites which you will be able to access once you've been invited:

1. What is private "Cash" gifting?
2. How did the concept of cash gifts begin?
3. How does the cash gifting software work?
4. Who can participate?
5. Is this a company?
6. How can you cash gift to a stranger?
7. Is this a pyramid?
8. Why would I want to participate?
9. Can I do this part-time?
10. Are cash gifting programs legal?
11. Is gifting money, cash leveraging?
12. Can I make a career of this activity?

Conclusion: So; does cash gifting actually work? Yes it does. There is a mass of information on all the club sites which show you exactly what to do and how to deal with any situation.

Don't think for one minute, with any cash gifting system, that when you make your pledge of $500 to $3,500, you can sit back and wait for the money to roll in because it won't! You must employ your natural self discipline, pay attention to your inviter who will show you exactly what to do, and be guided by the organisers. Then the money will flow.

If you are a person who can not work without supervision you are advised not to get involved any gifting club, or indeed any self employed activity. If you haven't got the self discipline to stand on your own two feet you will be required to learn it or get it some how, otherwise you are doomed to the pay cheque at best.

Most suggest the services of several leading training organizations, all of which are available, at additional cost, if you so choose. The organizers clearly make extra money by selling these services. I can't see any reason to spend any extra money though as the standard training advice seem to be adequate but, it's up to you.

When you join one of the clubs that has been around for a while make sure that you will be advised by people at the top of their game and if you can be guided and learn as you go along there is no reason why you should not join the thousands of people who have benefited greatly from this activity. As stated, you can not access any cash gifting club without an invitation.

Bottom Line: These cash gifting clubs are all very similar and provided they have been around for a few years, it doesn't matter much which one you join. What is far more important is how expert, knowledgeable, experienced and helpful your inviter is.
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