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Most People Are Unlikely to Revisit Your Webpage Without a Reason

Jul 4, 2008
Unless you provide a good reason for them to do so, a person will likely not come back to your website after visiting it. When visiting ten pages or more a day, it is not hard to forget the names or addresses of one specific site that we might have visited.

For example, if you have 1,000 visitors visit your website in a day, you will likely never see them - or their potential spending money - again. A good website owner would be able to make some of those visitors into customers. Still, if you want your customer to comeback, you need to convince them to join your mailing list!

No matter how unique the content of your website might be, it will not be enough to get people to return to your website by itself. A mailing list is the only true way to entice otherwise one-time visitors into becoming repeat visitors.

If your visitor signs up to be on your mailing list, you can continue to follow up with him or her through email. You should use these as a tool to attempt to get the visitor to consider your product again, or to attempt to get them to consider a new product. This should be an easy way to get visitors to your website to repeat their experience and put money in your pocket.

There is no better way to follow through with a potential customer than through the email provided by your mailing list. You want to try to sell your product through these subscriptions. Of course, the goal is to get the subscribers to become repeat visitors, or customers, and thereby earn you revenue.

Many website owners overlook the simplest way to build their list, and that is through the writing of articles. With a little effort and time, it is not difficult for you to write an article and have it published on eZine articles, or a directory similar to it. IT is not hard to employ viral marketing tools through the writing of articles. Your articles will allow you to prove your expertise.

Article writing is great because it allows you to attach a resource box that will ultimately help you build your mailing list. This tool, also called a bio box, should include information about you, such as what your site is about, and the URL of your site. As the point of the article was to get more subscribers to your mailing list, your URL should point to the landing page where new visitors can subscribe to the mailing list.

After your article directories have approved your article, your resource box will send your URL out to many potential readers and subscribers. Without putting a whole lot of work into it, you now have a viral marketing plan up and running. By including the details, such as your URL, you have an easy and effective method.
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