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A Great Alternative to Being Your Own Boss

Jul 4, 2008
Many people who are above ground , breathing , and walk with their eyes open probably have dreamt of being a business owner where you can control your working hours and earn a great income without having a boss down your throat.

How it begins is people visualize the end result without realizing the toil one has to go through in order to get there. For instance , it could be the time away from being with their spouse which can result in marital troubles , the financial stress that can occur during the building up of a business , or even once the business is built up the effort required to keep it going.

Let's face it not all of us can be a Donald Trump or Ray Kroc. There is a lot of sacrifices that have to be made. How many have seen successful business owners who have failed marriages , or kids who turned out wrong just because the parent never spent any time with them when they were growing up. Often I hear from a business owner not to do what they did just because they felt in the end the unbalanced lifestyle they led to chase success was not worth the failed relationships that occurred during process.

Although I admire such entrepreneurs who are risk takers and business savvy and have incredible lifestyles , I for one would not trade my profession for any other on the planet. It has both an element of risk which a self employed person relishes , and security for someone who still wants the insurance of a paycheque to feed his family.

I am a Food and Beverage Waiter in a busy restaurant. For those of you who currently are a waiter and make a living from being one and do not rely on any other form of income you will understand what I am about to explain.

First of all our hourly wage is so low that no one could possibly live on it alone which makes us right there with the self employed business owner who has to get up in the morning to drum up business. However unlike the business owner we get paid for showing up and ready for work and every two weeks it goes into our bank account.

The next great advantage to being a waiter is , unlike the business owner who has to chase people to pay what they owe , we get paid every time we serve a table upon the guest's departure. This means the waiter lives in a world of instant gratification. What could be better than that ! Leaving work with more money in your pocket than what you came with.

What we can earn is entirely up to us. A selling of a feature on the menu or a great bottle of wine can incur a greater tip thus like a self employed entrepreneur we can be highly motivated as well to provide great service.

Also , the waiter has the excitement of not knowing if it is going to be a really good day or an average day which is not unlike the self employed person. The difference being is with each new day the waiter will make money whereas the other may not. Thus the waiter never will go through the anxiety of a self employed person.

A guest to a restaurant is always there to enjoy a positive experience. In other words to make their day. A self employed person usually has to fix or repair something so the whole scene has a negative influence. They have to present the bill after to the disgruntled customer. The waiter gets the big tip!

Waiters can make anywhere up to $300 a day in gratuities and go home without having to worry about work and carry on with their life. They drive the newer cars and have enough left over to put in their children's education fund unlike the self employed who awake in the middle of the night worried about how they are going to find their next customer or meet their next payment.

If the waiter takes seriously their profession and is a good money manager they can have just as much time off to enjoy their spouse , children , and home as anybody else can.

Have you heard of the expression , " People with money have no time then there are people who have no money but a lot of time." I believe if you are a Food and Beverage waiter you can have a lifestyle balance where you can have both time and money. Unless you are gifted and have the guts to be a Donald Trump or other business tycoon consider becoming a waiter or bartender even if it just part time. Find out what it is like to get paid right away and use your gratuities to pay off debt or go on a holiday. You will be glad you did.
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