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Driving Traffic to Your Website: The Basic

Jul 4, 2008
There are simply too many ways to drive traffic to your website to sit by and suffer in silence because you don't have enough traffic. What you need, though, isn't just traffic; it's customers. While we will briefly go over some ways to drive traffic to your website, it's just as important to realize that once your traffic gets there, they need something to hold their attention. Make sure you have an attractive and useful website before you employ the following methods or your traffic will keep traveling.

Targeted Traffic

You don't want just any old traffic beating a path to your website or blog; you want targeted traffic. Traffic, by itself, won't make you any money. Targeted traffic, on the other hand, is traffic, or people who are actually interested in what you are selling. You want to concentrate your efforts on reaching the people who might actually make a purchase instead of looking in the window and moving on because you're not selling anything they are interested in. So if you're selling an ebook about how to upholster your own furniture, you probably don't want to take out a banner ad on a landscaping site. Instead, concentrate your marketing efforts at people who are in the market for furniture or advertise, blog, and post in forums at websites that cater to the do-it-yourselfer.

Know Where Your Customers are Coming From

There's nothing wrong with paying for advertising; you may have to at some point if you want to be successful; however, this shouldn't be your only form of advertising. Even so, it is important to decide which form of paid advertising works the best. Don't automatically assume that the most expensive advertising will work the best or that the least expensive advertising won't work very well. In fact, it's crucial that you keep track of how your paid advertising is working. Actually, whether you pay for advertising or not you need to know where your customers are coming from. Are they clicking on the URL from your forum post? Did they find your site through an organic search or through the PPC advertising you decided to invest in?

Advertising on the Cheap

If you're not quite ready to pay for advertising, there are still numerous ways you can get the word out about your website. Consider submitting articles to directories as well as keeping fresh content on your site. Some of the article directories will let you post a link back to your site either in a bio box or at the end of the article. Forum posting and blogging are also ways you can increase your web presence without spending a lot, if any, money. You can also trade links with other sites that are in your niche. Just make sure you are not in direct competition with each other before you ask to trade links. However, if you are a dog breeder, you might have a lot of success trading links with someone who sells specialized products, such as pet nutrition products or dog pillows or beds. The possibilities are really endless if you can trade links with someone that provides goods or services that serve to complement yours.

Remember to keep your website updated and interesting so that once your traffic arrives they will be glad they found your website on the map!
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