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Why Do 88% Fail With Global Resorts Network

Jul 4, 2008
If you follow Global Resorts Network marketing instructions, they don't work do they?

I didn't think so. The company line at mlm companies is almost exactly the same as the next one. Now don't get me wrong the program can work but how they teach you to build your downline is way off base.

MLM companies want new people constantly that is where all the money is. If they can get you to advertise for them for free, they win no matter what. They make more money from selling you training and leads then the products! So they tell you to market a certain way that benefits them whether you succeed or not.

Following the Global Resorts Network marketing program will cost you $100's of dollars a month. And still not give you a steady stream of good hard working signups. Because they will tell you to market to everyone you know, just like Amway.

People are sick of it and you will lose friends fast.

There is a better way to market Global Resorts Network.

Stop pushing your products and opportunity on people who are not even interested. Unless you are making $1000's a month, they will not believe anything you tell them. They don't see it so they don't believe it.

You need to stop leading with your product and instead lead with yourself. Tell them about you and how you learned the business, teach them something they didn't know before. Help them first and get to know them. No need to mention your opportunity unless they ask you.

This is how you make friends with them and later they will almost always ask about your program and business. Just get to know them and see if you can offer them any help.

There are all kinds of places to meet other network marketers. For free, you can visit forums and websites that help other network marketers. As you do, talk to people and build a relationship.

Ask for help, offer help and people will like you. Pushing your own program will annoy them. They already have one, you just want to add them to your list of other network marketers. They will ask about your program soon enough.

Why do most Global Resorts Network reps quit?
They run out of money for advertising before they get a large enough downline of good solid performers. Which is why you should always target other experienced network marketers. A few of them in your network will earn you what 200 rookies will.

You need to learn how to really network with people before you even bring up what you do and what your program can deliver to them. This is a people business based on relationships and proving you can help them succeed. It takes time but pays off in the long run.
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