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Is It Time To Change Career?

Jul 4, 2008
Money is often a worry for people when they are debating whether to change careers. The fear of not having any keeps most in their current positions as it is safe, they know that the income is secure for as long as they stay there. It is easy for money to take over people's lives and have power over them. It can get in the way of making important decisions due to already conceived beliefs and attitudes towards it.

How do you perceive money? There is a popular misconception that one must be unhappy at work should they want to make money, and if they were to be happy at work this would mean that financial reward would be sacrificed. And then there are some people that believe in order to change careers they need to be well-off to start out, and that they shouldn't even be thinking about a career change if they can't afford it initially.

In actual fact, money isn't everything and it certainly shouldn't stand in the way of you getting a job you really enjoy. Many people's dreams of their ideal job are lost to apathy and discouragement towards the idea of having to leave a comfortable position in an attempt to move up the career ladder. There have been plenty of people before who have actually changed careers without having to compromise money. Here are some tips for how to achieve a happy medium:

It is best to take it easy. Career changes happen progressively so you don't need to have sorted all of your money troubles ahead of time. Take one step at a time, allowing time to work things out with your finances. It's more important to focus on your career change e.g. setting up interviews and getting things underway, and also on your money e.g. making plans to pay down your debt or sort your retirement savings.

Finding the money to pursue your career venture is all part of the process. Practical dreamers do not wait for the lottery in order to make a dream happen, they go out and fight for it. They won't complain about not having the money to make a change happen, they will instead get to the heart of the matter straight away and figure out how to make the money.

When you assess how important your dream is to you, you will find that you are most likely to give up expenses that don't mean much in comparison to your dreams. Because of this, you end up spending less money in the future, whilst also reducing the amount of stress. As your career is taking top priority, you will find that you want and need less.

Money can be seen as a tool for providing you with what you want, and it should not be messed around with. Dissect your relationship with money: work out why you have issues with it. Think of how you feel about money and don't let it take over your life. Remember: it is you that is in control of your career path, the path should not control you.
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