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Make $450 or More Per Job - Start a Pressure Washing Business

Jul 4, 2008
The Pressure washing business is a great opportunity for anyone that wants to make either a part or full time income. Here are 5 important reasons explaining why it's profitable to start a pressure washing business.

You can make $450 dollars or more for simply pressure washing a home. On average it takes 4-6 hours of work to finish pressure washing a residential home around 2000 square feet. That comes to on average $75 dollars an hour just for doing residential work. The commercial work is even more lucrative. In rich neighborhoods it is often acceptable to charge higher prices per home.

There is low overhead when operating your own power washing business. The maintenance costs required for operating a pressure washer is typically low and insurance costs are not high when compared to other small businesses. Compared to owing a brick and mortar store, the pressure washing business costs and overhead doesn't even compare. You don't need to maintain a store or pay expensive monthly rental fees. The main monthly costs for a pressure washing business are insurance, marketing costs, and equipment maintenance.

The pressure washing business isn't as competitive as many other small businesses. For example if you compare the pressure washing business with the landscaping business you will find far greater competition in the landscaping business. To verify this look in your newspaper for landscaping business ads and then check for pressure washing business ads. Chances are you will find less competition.

The startup costs for a pressure washing business are lower than most other small businesses. You don't need to invest $10,000 dollars to get started in the power washing business. A lower investment means less risk in case your business fails or the market isn't as good as you expected. Many people fall into the trap of believing they need the best, most expensive equipment on the market in order to run a successful power washing business. The truth is you can run a successful business and be highly efficient by using average or used equipment provided the equipment operates properly.

The pressure washing business allows repeat business. Clients you do work for will often as you to come back in 3-6 months if you do a good job. Also there will always be work available. Mold, Algae, and dirt are never going away. There will always be another residential or commercial building that needs to be pressure washed regardless of your competition.
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