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Ins and Outs of Writing and Selling Ebooks

Jul 4, 2008
We live in a fast-paced world and people spend most of their times in front of the laptop or the computer - reading the day's news on the commute to office on a laptop, buying tickets for a theatrical show over the internet or making bookings for the dream vacation online. With Internet entering every sphere of our lives, it is no wonder that the concept of e book is fast picking up - helping people read on their laptop in the remotest jungles without having to carry hard cover books.

Before you start writing your e book, consider promoting your articles and sample features across different websites and other online platforms. It is important that an interest towards your book is generated before you actually launch it. Once you sit down to actually create your e book, try and keep it interesting visually and textually - use graphics and images if your topic permits. Online is a format that readers are used to see as being colorful, intuitive and interactive. If your e book can also incorporate such elements - people will have a good time enjoying your book and you can move away from the traditional book reading experience thereby giving the reader a different experience.

Writing an e book is similar as that of writing a book - the difference is mainly the challenge to keep the e book precise and to the point. Computer screens are not the first choice for any reader to enjoy reading - so the closer your e book content is to the topic, the lesser time will the read need to spend in front of the computer screen.

Today there are a number of online libraries with enviable collection of e books that you can lease or buy. This indirectly means that selling e books is also revenue-generating online business prospect. To create a storehouse for e books, you will first need to acquire some web space to host the e books. You may want to float a website or share a server with your loyal readers and customers. Then you will need to decide on the features that you will allow in the website.

Should there be download facilities?

Should the reader be able to read it online only?

How much should you charge for each e book reading?

If the reader wants to download the e book, then how much would you charge them for?

Next you must finalize on the design and the layout of the website, keep it intuitive and easy to navigate. Use graphics and images to keep it appealing. Then advertise your online library to relevant sites - for examples book forums, groups of readers and other libraries. Use the traditional online marketing and advertisement tools to promote the site. Once your library is up and running and you have regular readers, you will just need to look at promoting it at regular intervals and updating your collection. This is truly a low-investment online business that you can keep as a side business and concentrate on more businesses that you may be interested in.
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