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Importance Of Trade Shows For Your Import & Export Business

Jul 4, 2008
Trade shows are kind of business exhibitions, with a focus on some particular industry. Various companies have their booths on display in these trade shows, marketing their business products and services. Visitors can visit the company's booth or stall and collect first hand information about the business and products it offers. Trade show is a great prospect for importers and exporters looking to explore new markets.

Every business needs exposure. Especially the business that has just started, such business cannot have a platform better than a trade show to provide them with sufficient exposure. You will get noticed instantly by your targeted customers and others who may be interested in your business somehow.

Watch your competitors & their products:
You can get a grasp of the competition going around in your industry. You can see the products or services offered by your competitors. It will help you to assess your standing in the market and how you can improve at your services to grab maximum market share.

Reaching out to potential buyers:
People visiting trade shows are potential buyers. They are there to compare between different products, prices and qualities to pick out the best supplier that suits their needs. Every visitor is a business opportunity, seize as many as you can. At the end of the show you can provide your sales staff with lots of leads, and that too of real potential buyers.

Introduce new products:
Trade shows can be a great platform for launching a new product. Observe customer's reactions closely and determine if it will be a good idea to launch it in the market. You can also get some input by visitors on how you can improve that particular product to make it more acceptable for consumers.

Take Surveys:
Use trade shows to get customers comments, remarks and any sort of valuable input on your services. A small take away item or gift can be presented on filling out some survey forms. These opinions and observations can prove to be a great help in transforming your business into a widely accepted one.

Virtual Trade Shows:
Virtual trade shows take place on internet through specific portals, with an open or limited access, depending on their nature. These are quite inexpensive. In case you are interested, you can search on internet to see if there is some virtual trade show, related to your industry scheduled in near future.
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