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Conducting Market Research For Your Drop Shipping Business

Jul 4, 2008
Market research is often the most neglected part of dropshipping business. Business research provides you with the facts and figures you need when making those all important decisions. Your perception that some product is in high demand can be a possible cause of disaster for the business. Before you invest your money and time into some dropshipping business, it is worth investing some of that into market research. Having a concrete base of well researched figures is always better than starting on some false conception. Here's how you can conduct a short and simple research for your dropshipping business.

Collecting data:

Usually, the basic research for dropshipping business is not that difficult. Data is readily available and you can easily assess the demand by observing the most researched keyword trends at search engines. Now it's much easier to know where your customers are located, their age group and what exactly do they need?

Data collection can be tough for entrepreneurs who are looking to sell some product not really tried before on internet, you can't really decide on what kind of reception will it receive from online shoppers. However, you can still find out a lot of data to help in your business planning.


Once you have gone through the data collection, now is the time to do some mind work. Free flow of information has made the research part easier; still you have to analyze and draw conclusions on your own. Keep in mind your goals and objectives and derive useful information out of this data. You can't get the answers straight away. Start from arranging raw data in a clear and concise manner, mark out the variables which you can control and those which are uncontrollable; do your calculations, evaluate the risks involved and write down the conclusions in detail. Try to make these conclusions as unambiguous as possible.

Instructions for Dropshipping Businesses:

One can safely assume that you are a small business with a smaller budget if you are conducting research for your dropshipping business. Obviously low cost is the reason you have opted for this business model, so don't spend heavily on your research work. There's no need to hire some research specialist, just make use of freely available information on internet. Don't involve yourself into complex research methods. As you are searching for information on internet, you need to be very careful about source of information and its validity.

No matter how attractive a business may look to you, don't get started without checking on facts. Hasty decision making or flaws in research work can give way to business failures. Good research and thoughtful analysis will always payoff. Moreover, you can apply the information you've collected in your marketing strategy for even better results.
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