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A Review of the Fine Choice Food Club Income Opportunity

Jul 4, 2008
The Fine Choice Food Club is a great place to order a perfect meal but without all the hassle of preparing it yourself. This online or mail ordering system allows a person to get a restaurant type dining experience but at the leisure of eating it in their own home. The Fine Food Choice Club is truly one of the best places to order take out food from and you do not even need to order different food from a different restaurant.

This food is brought to a person from the leisure of that person's own home at a fraction of what it would cost to go out to a restaurant. For instance, going out for a nice dinner at any restaurant will lead to numerous and miscellaneous costs that are unpreventable. First, there are gas needs, then anything else that damages the car.

That is a prime example of how the Fine Food Choice Club can save money for any household especially one on a limited budget. Finally, a main reason to simply try and eat this product is because it is not a freezer brand. This product is not pre-made product that is later frozen into something that you can cook in a microwave oven. This kind of food is much more than a simple freezer brand that can sit in a freezer for years on end. These are the reasons to buy and eat with the Fine Choice Food Club.

The income opportunities are endless with the Fine Choice Food Club. Some income opportunities begin as a basic need for any product selling company. That job is to be a representative for the company. A representative's job is go around selling the product for the Fine Choice Food Club. A representative starts off by making a minimal salary or wage per hour of work but makes the major portion of his or her wage off commission.

Commission is a percentage based off of the amount of product which is sold. The more a rep of the company sells, the more that rep makes. It is also a vice versa situation, if the rep does not sell a lot than the rep will not make a lot either. It works both ways and can be very benefiting or not very beneficial at all. Another job within the Fine Choice Food Club is to be a carrier for the product.

The club needs able bodied people to deliver the food to its destination and pretty much serve America. There are many people waiting for their food so this job is not easy and can be less enjoyable than being a rep for the business. While it is certainly more grueling than the other job, it has a much more set in stone income than the other job. This income is not able to go up or down. A deliverer simply gets an hourly wage or salary which is tight structured and is a good way to secure a steady income.
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