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A Review of the ForeverGreen Income Opportunity

Jul 4, 2008
Naturally made products have been around since man first started mixing plant ingredients together. Many citizens around the world are aware of their environment and look for ways to incorporate it in their life. For years, the seas and oceans have held a treasure trove of secrets that we are now beginning to discover. ForeverGreen offers naturally made products and its shining star is a product called FrequenSea.

In 2004, ForeverGreen was launched by Ronald Williams, a man with over twenty years experience in the direct selling business. By promoting healthy eating without synthetics, the company offers a wide selection of foods and beverages that are nutritious and grooming products that contain no chemicals. The product line is available in the United States, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. They are a member of the Direct Sellers Association.

The company's products range from essential oils to healthy drinks. The FrequenSea line is made from marine phytoplankton, a type of sea plant that is grown on a farm in the Pacific Northwest. This ingredient supplies the body with Zinc, Beta-carotene, Calcium, and many more vitamins and minerals required in a healthy diet. This unique plant can comes in a tonic for drinking, mixed with berries and other natural ingredients and is also included in the SecreSea skin care line.

There is also a line of naturally made chocolate (who said eating chocolate wasn't good for you?), snack bars, essential herbs, such as basil and chili, essential oils, and vitamins, all made from natural ingredients from both land and sea. Product prices are available in the Shop tab at the top of the screen and vary in range from $20.00 to $250.00.

ForeverGreen's products are sold by independent consultants and it is a pyramid selling scheme. By purchasing one of the Jump Start kits, ranging from $99.95 to $549.95, a seller can immediately begin to share the product to friends and family.

By signing up new members, the consultant can make $500.00 in a short period of time. Additional bonuses are offered for each sales level achieved. Successful consultants can even earn a car. Interested parties can sign up to become a member, a preferred customer or consultant via the website. A matrix form is available for consultants to download. This tool allows them to sketch out a game plan on whom they can recruit and where they wish to see their business go.

The company promotes taking an active stand in the community as well as in one's own life. They support healthy lunch programs in the schools as well as encourage each distributor to take an active part in their own personal stands to help the world and the community. The website has photos of some of the successful stands their distributors have accomplished.

ForeverGreen's products are unique in their formulation. The lowest priced starter kit seems to be a bit high, but someone with the right drive could make this a lucrative business. The energy bars, essential oils, and herbs would be items people would be interested, especially if they engage in holistic healing techniques, such as massage therapy. With the right marketing, this direct sales business could be financially rewarding.
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