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Easy Steps to Start Internet Marketing For Your Website

Jul 4, 2008
Having a web site and selling a product is a good way to make money. But having your site is not sufficient for driving potential customers to that site. You also need to do some marketing. The general rule is that the more marketing you do the more money you're likely to make as a result.

Below are some strategies that will help you bring traffic to your site.

Using Articles

Articles are a good source of marketing for several reasons.

1. They establish your credibility in your field.
2. They can be search engine optimized to help your site rank higher at Google and other engines.
3. They can explain the benefits of the products or services you sell.
4. They can be posted on other sites, in e-zines, in newsletters, and other sources which can be accessed by potential customers.

When you are using articles for marketing, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, the content has to be solid. Don't just throw some keywords into a fluff piece that doesn't really say anything - that's not going to make an impression on potential customers. Second, post your articles anywhere you can but always include a resource box. That resource box should include your name, your credentials, and a link back to your web site.

Using Press Releases

Press releases are another smart marketing method for your web site. A press release is then distributed throughout media outlets with the hopes of more stories being written about your site or simply that potential customers would stumble across it on the Internet elsewhere.

You can find a number of distribution services available on the Internet. Some are free but they won't help you reach major outlets. Others charge a fee - sometimes a rather steep fee - but can help your press releases reach a wide audience.

Of course, you can also use the press releases just like the articles. You can post them in a "News" section on your web site or on other sites.

The key to writing an effective press release is picking the right angle. For example, if your site is just being launched you need to explain why your services or product are a valuable contribution to the market. You can also write press releases to announce contests, awards, or charitable donations associated with your site.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most popular methods of marketing. Any content you write for your site whether it's on the landing page, an article, or a press release should be optimized. That means you write the content with the focus on a few keywords or phrases.

These keywords should be the same ones potential customers would enter into search engines to find your product or services. If you're not sure what those keywords would be or if you want to identify popular variations of those keywords, then there are a number of free tools available on the Internet.

Remember that marketing may take time and money but it's well-worth the investment.
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