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A Review of the Fuel Freedom International Income Opportunity

Jul 4, 2008
With the rising cost of gasoline affecting the entire world, people are searching for new ways to supplement their incomes simply to be able to afford to drive to work or heat their homes. Fuel Freedom International not only strives to increase the performance of the fuel everyone uses, but also provide that extra income so many families need.

Randy Ray and his wife, Wendy Lewis, have been the co-founders of two other successful businesses, both dealing with medical equipment, supplies and computer systems. When approached by a friend looking to start his own business with a fuel boosting product, the couple product tested it themselves to amazing results. In November of 2005, Fuel Freedom International, a multi-level marketing company, was born. Debt-free, the company owns their own headquarters building and provides customer service for international customers.

The products that are offered for sale all are related to boosting fuel performance and gasoline mileage. Each page of their on-line catalog describes in full and informative detail how each item was developed, what if does to help the vehicle perform better and recommended amounts of usage. Prices for each item are not listed with the item but are listed on the online store order form. These products are costly ranging from $20.95 for a blister pack of ten caps to over $200.00. Remember, based on the recommended usage provided by the company, it is advised that the consumer do the math in order to purchase the proper amount needed for a given timeframe. There is an extensive F.A.Q. sections as well as video and articles on the website that go into additional detail about the products sold.

Parties interested in becoming distributors of the Freedom Fuel International should know that the venture is a pyramid sales formula. A distributor's starting kit costs $59.95 and they are required to pay an annual renewal fee of $49.95. This annual fee covers the individual distributor's website and back office functions. Distributors are required to purchase a starter package, but what they contain is not clear, nor is the cost.

Products can be purchased at wholesale prices and a 15-25% commission is earned on each sale. The website goes into great detail how the pyramid scheme for the company works and gives additional suggestions as to how to make the most of the sales. When signing up to become a distributor, the website will not allow you to go any further than the second page because it is looking for a sponsor. Prospective distributors will have to contact the company or research a sponsor before signing up.

Because of the cost of the products, this venture is definitely not lucrative for someone on a fixed or low income. The prospective distributor needs to make sure they read everything on the website before committing to selling the product. While the basic idea of the product is helpful to elongate both the fuel consumption and life of the vehicle, there are statements on some of the product pages strongly suggesting that once an individual starts using a product it is recommended they do not stop or else the benefits of the product will cease. This could make for a very expensive proposition for both consumer and distributor.
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