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A Review of the Fuller Brush Income Opportunity

Jul 4, 2008
If you're looking to sign on with an outfit that has over 100 years worth of experience, then the Fuller Brush company might provide you with just the opportunity you have been looking for. The Fuller Brush salesman is a figure that has been found in televisions shows, movies and plays, but the fact is, this company has quite justifiably made itself a household name when it comes to cleaning products and domestic supplies.

The Fuller Brush company has a long history with the American public, one that started in 1906. Through a concentrated advertising program and with placement of salesmen in nearly every major and medium sized city in America, the Fuller Brush company had worked very hard to become one of an institution in the American landscape. If you're looking for a company with an excellent track record and a long history, it would be hard to find one with a better list of credentials than the Fuller Brush company.

If you are interested in selling Fuller Brush products, it is important to note the fact that while there are still a few door-to-door opportunities available, much of the Fuller Brush merchandise is now available online. That being said, one of the ways that Fuller Brush invites people to get involved is through action as distributor from an in-store location. Essentially, this is an opportunity for people who want to add Fuller Brush products to their business.

One of the main benefits you receive from selling Fuller Brush products is name recognition. You'll find that older customers might still remember a time when the door to door salesmen were ubiquitous, while your younger customers will be able to smile and remember the jokes and parodies of the Fuller Brush service. The products themselves have withstood the test of time, and it is to the Fuller Brush company's credit that they are continually working with their products to improve them. Fuller Brush cleaning products are rated quite high in modern cleaning tests.

It is true that the Fuller Brush company does not necessarily signify something flashy or modern, but then it doesn't necessarily need to. You'll find that the Fuller Brush name is actually associated in most people's mind with a bygone era, and you'll also find that a bit of nostalgia doesn't do your sales any harm. While this isn't the most exciting products to sell, you'll find the name recognition goes a long way towards making these products popular.

When signing up as a rep for the Fuller Brush company, make sure you don't do it just because this rep is the company super star. Make sure you go sponsor hunting and conduct a few upline interviews. They must be available for three way calls to prospects. They don't have to be a Brian Garvin or Jeff West but they should at least have some grounded knowledge in the Internet Marketing field.

Before you join anything like this, do your research. Make sure that people will appreciate all the hours you spend building this new business.
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