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A Review of the FUN Unlimited Income Opportunity

Jul 4, 2008
For Ultimate Nutrition Unlimited (FUN Unlimited) was created in 2003. Its single goal was to improve healthy living. The FUN Unlimited company's goal was to invest in the products and people employed by the company instead of a fancy marketing strategy. The products sold by the FUN Unlimited Company include Power Pops, Kidspops, Ultimate 20, Bee Natural Tabs, Paradise Pointe, and Fun Gear. The products center on the sixty billion dollar weight loss industry.

The FUN Unlimited Income Opportunity is called a "Two Team Approach Compensation Plan." This is basically a binary down line system in which you create two down line "teams." FUN Unlimited takes the money earned by each team and then averages it to figure out what your commission will be. They make this sound like an incredible opportunity that is designed to earn you even more money than a normal down line. Here is the catch. Let's say that team one earns one hundred dollars and team two earns zero dollars. Your commission would then be based on fifty dollars in sales. So, really, the binary or "Two Team" compensation plan is only beneficiary for the company itself.

The amount of money to be made is contingent upon how many FUN Unlimited products you and your down line can sell.

There are a number of ways to earn money by yourself and with your down line. There is the simple Retail Associate position in which you would buy the FUN Unlimited products at wholesale prices and then sell them at the regular retail rate. To be a Retail Associate, it costs $29.95 per year. The associate positions become more complicated (and more expensive) depending on how much work you want to do.

The biggest (and most expensive) associate position is called the Platinum Executive. It requires at least a Manager qualification (which costs one hundred and fifty dollars), the enrollment of at least eight major members in your down line (who will each have their own extensive down lines) and have at least one hundred points. This position earns the profits on the retail markup, bonuses, and large commissions off of the work done by your down line and ten extra percent on your "pay line."

The FUN Unlimited website says that associates can earn weekly commissions and that there are no minimum requirements to meet. These are both good signs.

All that is really left is to find an associate who has had success with this company. For such a small enrollment fee and the promise of weekly pay, there is little reason not to join this company. The major drawback is the Two Team approach to the compensation plan, but if you recruit enough hard workers, there should be little to worry about. Our conclusion is that this company seems like a fair opportunity but it might take a lot of work to really earn a living as a FUN Unlimited associate. However, if you aren't afraid of hard work, this opportunity should be a good one.
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