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A Review of the Escape International Income Opportunity

Jul 4, 2008
Escape International is a company that has a wide variety of products and is dedicated to introducing those products to the mainstream. A network marketing company that was founded by David A Ruiz, Escape International prides itself on its values. The company is faith based and lists its God-centric and Bible-inspired decisions as its top value.

Escape International boasts that everyone who joins their program has the opportunity to earn a huge income. These opportunities exist in two different categories: direct marketing and network marketing. Direct selling is relationship based while network marketing focuses on building a network of direct sellers.

Escape International's website boasts that everybody who wants to be a seller for Escape International can get started for free. They seem to be very excited about offering their business model for free! The only problem with getting the free information about Escape International's income program is that you have to sign up for it before you get a look at the business model.

This might have been fine if it were not for two things. The first reason not to sign up for Escape International is... you can't. When you go to the "Get Started" page on the Escape International website, you are taken to a very general description of the two major earnings methods. Then you are presented with a link that says "Click Here to Join Now." When you click on that link, you are taken to another page that welcomes you to Escape International and then presents you with a "Sign up now" link.

When you click on the Sign up Now link, it takes you to a page with a blank box. In the box you are supposed to type the number of the Representative that referred you to Escape International. What if you weren't referred? Well that means that you are out of luck. Leaving the field blank and hitting enter only brings up the same exact page. There is a "Contact Us" link on the front page of the site, so it might be possible to contact Escape International directly and ask them for a referral number.

The second reason not that you should not sign up before reading the Escape International business model is that the site provides no privacy policy! Why would you give out your information if you aren't allowed to read the privacy policy first? Any company that won't tell you up front what it will do with your personal information is not worth joining.

Another reason to not join Escape International is the complete lack of any specific information about how to sell the products or how the company's compensation plan is set up. While there is something to be said for confidentiality, why would you sign up for something when you don't know what it entails?

We think that this is a company that should be passed by. With all of the income opportunities available out there, Escape International is just too sketchy for our taste.
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