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A Review of the Essante Income Opportunity

Jul 4, 2008
There are many opportunities available on the web for making additional income. You just have to decide how you would like to proceed. The Essante is one of the business opportunities you can join when you are looking to make extra income or quit your current job. So what is the Essante business opportunity and how can it help you.

First when you are with the Essante business opportunity you are selling a weight loss product. Weight loss is currently a very popular industry and will continue to grow as many think we are overweight and the rate of obesity rises. So first you know that if you chose this opportunity you are in an industry that will most like continue to grow, which is very important for any business opportunity you may want to try.

Basically when you are apart of the Essante business opportunity you are working on commissions with your own business. You are going to be selling the weight loss products in a variety of ways. You can call, have your own business with the products in the store, an online business, or you can just sell to your friends and colleagues. The idea is to get as many sales as you can to make a success of the opportunity.

So how it works is that you earn commissions at any level in the program. When you sign up as a company representative you are given the tools you need in order to market the business as well as a business plan. It doesn't matter how much sales volume you do you will still earn a commission. Of course with Essante the more you sell the higher your commissions are going to be for the overall business success. There is also no limit to the number of levels you can rise in order to gain weekly commissions.

The idea is that you are in control of the business. You decide on how much work you are willing to put into the venture and how much return you would like to see for your effort. You are also able to create your on schedule.

You can choose the hours you work. If there is a day you don't want to work you don't have to. The idea is that you have the business plan and the determination to see the business grow. The plan is supplied once you decide to become a member and a representative of the company.

There are a couple of ways to earn income.

First you can choose the fast start bonuses. The first option is purchasing the Essante package in which you must sell to earn the bonuses. Once you have sold the first package from Essante you are gaining the first $100. The second is to set a personal business volume and maintain your goal every month for three consecutive months. The idea behind Essante is to give you the option of earning as much potential income through bonuses and commissions with this venture.
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