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The Magical Whip of Social Bookmarking

Jul 4, 2008
Combining their resources allows better reach and offers another blow to Microsoft who is desperate for a piece of the Ad market that Google dominates. The move by Microsoft to obtain Yahoo was in hopes of getting a search engine company on the side of the software giant. The failure of negotiations, which was closely followed by the whole world resulted in much discontent with Yahoo and disbelief from Microsoft that even they couldn't use muscle to get their hands on the search engine company. The power of Microsoft is decreasing day by day and their days as one of the most influential software giant is truly numbered.

Being dependent to online information sources for many years, doing a simple search gives you fast results in milliseconds but determining the relevance of those presented sites would take a lot of time, time that is wasted as you go from page to page selecting (bookmarking) the relevant ones and passing up the useless ones (a couple of hours if you aim to get the best of the best).

Then comes social bookmarking, which in essence reverses the process of looking for news and getting them to look for you or go to you. Social bookmarking allows changes to your favorite web pages to be sent directly onto your own web site. Less searching but more of the latest facts brought to you without you doing anything. RSS feeds are some of the simplest bookmarking techniques that send the information to you as they come. It assures that you never miss information that you need each time and every time.

Ever since the internet went online and available to the public, people have been looking for a better way of getting information and presenting them to users who are increasing day by day. That brought about the advent of the search engine wars where many online companies started to index and store the most amount of information to present it to their users. Then came spam, malware loaded sties and fake web sites that presents relevant titles but not the right information. Anti-viruses provided temporary relief for a couple of years then the malware numbers became so much that nobody can develop an ultimate prevention and solution to the online threat.

Having the knowledge in today's world is simply no enough anymore for people seek for more evidence or basis from words and the internet has made that a reality. Information truly is just a few clicks away and the truth about the claims of an individual can be verified amongst the may fraudulent claims elsewhere on the web. Social bookmarking allows you to not only gather enough information from all over but it allows you to get that information out to other people who may be seeking for the same information like you. Doing so and establishing yourself as an expert in your field of expertise builds-up your readership thus making you visible in the world of social networks. There are experts and there are experts and what's stopping you from being one on your own terms?

This is a common occurence in the marketplace for as history tells us, ther most successful products are the ones that get the most exposure and utilize the best ad campaigns and people who are the best in their field. Getting people to do the advertising for your products is one of the best outcomes of the social weeb that has truly revolutionized the internet giving people power to express views and reviews of products they love and buy. They can even add comments to the purchases (trends) other people create which leads to the discover of hidden flaws and more innovative products. Many start-up's are beginning to utilize the web in ways that would only be unimaginable a few years back. The rogues of the internet (open-sourced community) made up of who else but by people and developers who want to break out of the cage big businesses have put up around us have succeeded in doing so leaving many industry giants way behind.
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