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The Internet is Not Complicated

Jul 4, 2008
Blogger or not, Technorati matters to you. Its authority on everything on the web is hard to question, what with over 112 million blogs on its watchlist. It tracks hyperlinks and gauges popularity according to these. For bloggers, Technorati is useful in looking for trackbacks and links from other sites and blogs through Blog Reactions, Rank and Authority. For the non-blogger, Technorati also has its uses. You can find out the top 100 blogs by fans and by authority. In addition, you can see the listings of the top YouTube videos, movies on IMDB, news item, and music, DVD, games and books on Amazon in the last 48 hours.

On September 20 and 21, the Convention Center in Las Vegas will play host to the 2008 BlogWorld & New Media Expo, the first and only industry-wide event on blogging with the largest blogging conference and trade show filled with seminars and talks from prominent figures in the industry. For bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and new media and social media people, this is the place to meet suppliers and developers, learn how to monetize, promote your blog and build your brand. Marketers, and Media and PR practitioners should also take advantage of the blogging phenomenon and find out how bloggers can bring in business.

There are still many people who do not have Internet at home or in the office. But whether or not you have online access anytime, much of the Internet remains unexplored. What newbies do not understand is that there is more to the Net than webmail and surfing. But how do you get started? Watch The Common Craft Show. "Explanations in Plain English", creators the LeFevers call it. Using "paperworks" and simple language, the videos familiarize the viewer with different things you can access and do online, such as social media, podcasting, twitter, wikis and blogs.

Viral videos or popular art form? You've seen them before-mashups of videos, images and sounds in new and totally unexpected ways, giving life to content that's fresh and innovative. Nobody can stop you from making them yourself and sharing your creations to the world. http://Totalrecut.com provides you with the tools and know-how you need to get into remix culture. Forget the restrictions, scare tactics and issues meant to harass creative individuals. Show the world what you can do, learn about copyright issues and join contests. Let's make the world a safe place for remixing and spread remix culture. The future depends on it.

Get more from Google through two of their services. First, lend a hand and test-drive Google Experimental, which could just change how the world searches for information. Sign up for one experiment and say what you think of them. There are three running at the moment: Keyboard shortcuts, Keyword suggestions, and Alternate views for search results. The last one has three cool components-view additional info, on a timeline, or on a map. Students will love these.

Google Hot Trends lists the top searches daily; Google Trends lets you search for trends. The latter shows the cities, regions, languages, and trend histories of the trend keywords. It also retrieves news items and graphs searches according to period and region.
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