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Prepare Yourself for the Blogging World

Jul 4, 2008
When I was just starting out with my very first blog, I was quite thrilled! I had a "site" at last. I'm not the type who asks for help, so when I was posting the articles I was literally doing the trial-and-error stuff. I kept on fussing with the dashboard and changing the templates. My blog didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. So I looked for other sites that would suit my needs.

Blogging sites usually offer free service. There are pre-made templates that starters could use. There are also Javascript and CSS tutorials for those who know enough of computer technology. One advantage of blogging is that you learn as you try on the different applications. Blogs nowadays give you more freedom to personalize your site.

Aside from photos, you can also upload your favorite videos and music. Like a painting, you as the owner of the blog, check from time to time the features of your work. If it looks quite boring to your taste, you add some widgets. If it seems crowded, on the other hand, you ditch the calendar, the message board, and the videos. Blogging makes you the creator of your own world. You don't only become a bit techie. You also imbibe the artist's vibe! With your blog, you become the master of your very own realm.

We know how it is when making reports in school. Our teachers prefer the main facts in portions rather than put them altogether in a paragraph. A more systematized article creates the illusion that your texts are short and straight to the point.

Once they're done reading the first subtopic, they'd proceed to the next one. The whole article would look neater and easier to read since you've broken down the major details. Don't make it hard for the reader to scroll up and down just to scan the article for points they forgot to take note of.

Also, keep track of people who are consistently visiting your blog. Allow them to add comments to your site. Their reactions would be very good sources of ideas. Try as much as you can to acknowledge their suggestions. A blog is supposed to bridge the gap. Acting like a prima donna would drive your beloved readers away. Let them talk to you too, through their comments. Communication isn't a

A picture paints a thousand words. Or so they say. But there's actually truth to that. Visually-oriented people would opt to read blogs with images. These pictures help them grasp exactly what you're trying to say. For example, an article about Italy would be more meaningful (and reader-friendly) if you'd put pictures of the hottest spots, the infrastructure, and the people living there.

If you're using your blog as a sort of a memoir or a diary, then I think it would be best to break the barrier between you and the reader. Write as if you're talking to them! Keep the tone of your article conversational. This way it would make readers more welcome to your blog. However, you need to check on your choice of words. A friendly blog should also be a tasteful one. Whatever kind of language you use makes an impact on you as the writer. It's a reflection of who you are. Don't get yourself reported for making derogative remarks or writing foul language. A blog is like a shirt. It also holds your image.
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