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All About Airplane Banner Towing

Jul 4, 2008
Every company advertises. Some rely solely on word of mouth ads. Others glut the reader with information. Advertising is expensive and it requires great planning to use these dollars wisely. Simply put, sometimes a few words can go a long way.

Airplane banner or billboard ads have several advantages. Since the ad is flown over a large congregation of people, it must be concise. A banner ad must convey just enough information to get people interested. A simple ad like this costs less and can be reused in other locations or in the same location at a later time.

Banner ads have the advantage of being quick to produce. Since they are, at most, one sentence, the time needed to make the idea fly is greatly reduced. Typos are rare and no coupons much be managed.

Banner ads need to convey only enough information to get the customer interested. Additional facts may be obtained for those attracted to the product. Money is not spent on multiple printed ads that end up as fish wrapping.

The one drawback of banner ads is that everything hinges on the impact of that short message. It has been said that to talk an hour, a speaker can wing it; to talk for ten minutes takes planning. This is true of banner ads also. The message should be sharp and easy to read. It should do its best to convey to the audience what is being sold, provided, or conveyed in a way that will be remembered without effort.

Contrast this to traditional advertising which uses a multitude of words to convey facts and figures designed to attract a customer to their product. Though such ads are expensive, there is no guarantee that the ad will even be read. Yes, this information needs to be conveyed, but why pay to get it to a multitude of uninterested people?

Banner ads streaming behind airplanes have an inherent demanding presence. Who can ignore the sound of the plane and the novel streamer in the sky? As the customer reads it, a need comes to mind. The repetition of multiple passes reinforces this answer to the need. Once home, the need brings to mind the ad and further inquiry is made. If this additional information is vital to the customers, many have coupled banner ads with printed ads to multiply the effectiveness of both.

If cost effectiveness is important to a company, consider the proven effectiveness of banner ads. Think of the customers rehashing your message over and over in their minds long after the banner is gone.
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