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Website Ranking Tips And Secrets

Jul 4, 2008
We are all looking for ways to boost our website traffic, After all more traffic equals more customers and more customers equals $$$. Below I have listed some easy tactics to generate more free natural traffic and rank better in the search engines.

Tip #1 In-bound links, links that are on other web sites that link back to your site, The actual linking text on those other sites In order to help your Google rank You should include keywords and phrases you used in your keyword analysis. You want to include key phrases if you can in the text that people are using on their website to link to your site. It helps the search engines to understand that the phrase you are using in your link text relates to your site.This could result in you getting ranked higher.

Tip #2 Keywords are the basics of every search engine optimization effort. You have to target the correct words and phrases that your customers are likely to type into the search engines.You need to do the research to find these phrases. It is best to start off with a set of phrases that you think your customers are going to type into the engines.Then with more research You will probably find that there are more words and phrases that you have not even thought of. Once you have created a small list of phrases, then you have the foundation for the rest of your search engine optimization effort.

Tip #3 Define The Title And Description META Tags. The HTML META title tag for each page describes what each page is about. most of the search engines look at this Title tag to see what the page contains. It is usually a very short sentence or phrase. Add the phrases that you have researched in your keyword analysis and place them into the title tag once, or twice. This tells the search engines that the page is about this phrase. The same applies for the Description META tag. Here you want to be a little more lengthy in the description of the page, but in the text of this description you should include the keywords that you want to target for that page.This will help your search engine rankings.

Tip #4. Write Readable, Keyword Rich Content, Content is king. The most important part of a web site is that each of your pages is readable and the text itself has the keywords that you are targeted during the keyword analysis phase. You want to create each of your pages with a good amount of text. You dont want just a paragraph or two. The more text you have, the better chance that those search engines are going to be able to understand (using their algorithms) what each page is about.If you have, lets say six paragraphs on a page about dog training then the search engines are going to interpret that page is probably about dog training.If you only have a one paragraph because you want to keep the page short, then it is harder for the search engines to understand what that page is about, because it only has one paragraph to analyze. So for each of your pages, you want to create lots of keyword-rich, readable text.

Tip #5 Submit Your Web Site To The Free Search Engines By Hand,There are many websites out there that claim to submit your web site to hundreds or even thousands of search engines. Most are just a scam. The best way to make sure that your web site has been entered into the search engines is to go to their web site and go through the process of adding your web site by hand. Make sure that all fields are filled out and all their requirements are met.In some cases, you will have to pay to be included.it is important to make sure that you complete the registration process by hand to make sure that it is correct.

Tip #6 Get Other Relevant Web Sites To Link To Your Site Your web site will benefit from having inbound links from other sites in the same category. So get as many links as you can from similar types of web sites and similar types of companies. The reason is if many other sites are linking to yours then the content that you have in your site must be worthwhile and helpful to people. This is the goal of your links campaign. Research what those web sites are that you want to have linking back to your site. Contact the web masters at those sites to request (in a polite way) if you can have a link to your site from theirs. Search engines highly regard in-bound links, this can boost your ranking noticeable.

These 6 tips should help you convert your website into a search engine friendly website and ultimately give you higher ranking and more traffic to boost your online money making success.
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Written by Paul Mclaughlin an internet marketer Who helps beginners make money online through his website

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