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List Building Tips And Secrets

Jul 4, 2008
The must have for any serious internet marketer is your own opt-in email list.If you have an opt-in email list you are sitting on a big pot of cash. Have you ever heard anyone say "The money's in the list" well this is no lie.If you harness the power of an opt-in list then your potential for very high earning and success online are greatly increase.It all about using your list properly and if you don't have a list don't hesitate another second and start building one!

The best ways to build your existing email list or to start building your Opt-in list.

1: E-courses are a great way to build your list ,people are always hungry for information so a free E-course is the perfect way to start building your list in the niche you choose.Offering good information will people to part with there email address, Create a 5-7 part email course which will be delivered in to you lists inbox every few days.This will help build trust with your list remember they have given you permission to email mail them for as long as they are part of you list.After your e-course you are free to email sales offer your product or products you are promoting.

2: Newsletter or ezines are another great way to to build your list as we are in the information age everyone is hungry for information but many people just don't have the time to find it themselves.Publish a newsletter thats in your niche full of useful and valuable information, The subscribers will come flocking.

3: Free Ebooks and gifts ,Offer a free Ebook with good information and people will be more than willing to part with there email address.Make sure the sign up Gift you offer directly relates to the niche your in and is information your new subscribers will wan't. Make sure you include links to your website or products that you offer as this will not only help build your list but also build your website traffic and earnings.

4. Squeeze page ,a squeeze page is used to capture your prospects email address before they are directed to your sales page.This also allows you to personalize your sales page with your prospects name and details.This is said to be one of the most affective ways to build your opt-in email list.

7: Pop ups ,are a very affective way of getting your customers attention.Pop up windows will affectively build your list and get people to sign up for your newsletter or ezine.Pop ups can be used when your visitor first enters your site or when they are about to leave your site to remind them to sign up for your newsletter.

8: Free Give aways ,This is a great fairly new method of getting tons of new subscribers.Free internet give aways involve lots of people submitting products that are free in exchange for newsletter sign ups.This is a fast way of building an opt-in list , but bare in mind that freebie seekers may not be as responsive.

9:Free membership, is another great way to build an opt-in list.Get your visitors to hand over there email address in return for a free membership access at you website.Make sure your site provides great information and is highly relevant to your niche.Remember the more focused your list is the better response you will recive.
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