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Affiliate Marketing Strategy -The Key To Success

Jul 4, 2008
One of the biggest mistakes made by novice affiliates is diving into their marketing campaign without a solid affiliate marketing strategy.

Who can blame them? The market is flooded with all kinds of get-rich-quick schemes, promising to make easy money in a short span of time.

For the serious entrepreneurs, it is easy to appreciate the importance of having a sound strategic plan to guide flawless business execution. What does it mean to have a strategy, and why is it so important? What are the key strategies to consider? These are the questions we will examine in this article.

Any affiliate marketing strategy worth its salt will cover multiple levels of planning. In other words, your strategy should include things like:
- how you will present your offer to your market
- how you will drive market traffic to your web site
- how you will convert your customers.


Quite simply, you must learn to think of the entire sales chain from beginning to end. Conversion is crucial to each step in the process.

For example, getting someone to click on your pay-per-click advertisement should be considered a 'conversion' because the individual has taken the desired action of clicking an ad that leads to your site.

Once that visitor reaches your site, you must determine how you will convert them into 'leads' Typically, you will capture the visitor's name and email address to an opt-in list. In order to do this, you need a strategy for creating an attractive opt-in page offer.

Yet another strategy comes into play when you have gotten the lead onto your list. Your follow up email series must be designed to convert that lead into a customer.

However, conversions on new leads will not make up the bulk of your profits. If you desire serious affiliate income, you also need a post-sale follow up strategy. What types of follow up offers will you send to your list of existing customers? This is important because the repeat customers are really your bread and butter.

Finally, think about how to expand your affiliate business. Do you want to remain in the same market niche indefinitely? If not, consider your long-term strategy. You can replicate your current affiliate model into another niche.

This will add an additional stream of income to your bottom line, and is a great long-term strategy for building your own affiliate empire.

Success Secrets for Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs

Many people first learn of affiliate marketing during the course of absorbing all the information they can about Internet marketing and home-based businesses. The people selling you the information are, of course, Internet marketers.

Hence, many people decide to start their affiliate marketing journey by promoting Internet marketing related products. Some 'gurus' will tell you not to do this, and to focus on an unrelated niche, instead.

There is wisdom in this advice, but getting your feet wet as a newbie affiliate by promoting the products you know best is also a great way to start.

Is it competitive? Yes! Can you learn a lot from promoting Internet marketing products? The answer: most definitely!

So, rather than try to persuade you away from promoting these types of products as an affiliate, I would like to share with you the success secrets of most top Internet marketers, which you may want to include as your key strategies.

Success Secret #1: Promote What You Know

While it is tempting to promote the latest 'big name' Internet marketing product, I would recommend avoiding that tactic unless you own a copy of it already and have studied it thoroughly.

The absolute best way to improve your copy writing skills, as well as build a trusting relationship between you and your potential customers, is to know a product inside and out. You should be able to provide a full review of a product's 'pros' as well as 'cons'.

Success Secret #2: Build Your List Relationship

You need to build a targeted opt-in list, and then focus on building the relationship with your list. This means you have got to send relationship-building material, such as free gifts, articles, etc, just as often as you send out promotional emails.

Your list can be a cash cow for you, but not if you treat them like a herd. Reach out and speak to your list's interests and needs. Let them know you're only one step ahead of them on the learning curve, and that you are all in this Internet business together!

Success Secret #3: Brand Yourself

What do most of the top-name Internet marketers have in common? They have visibility. The fact that you know their names points to how good a job they have done branding themselves. Each one has a 'unique spin' on the way he does business, too.

You have got marketers who brand themselves as 'super affiliates', 'expert copy writers', 'masters of traffic generation' and so on. Many of them started out as affiliate marketers before they took the plunge into creating their own products.

So, ask yourself, what will separate you from the next affiliate promoting the exact same product?

If you will follow just these three tips, you can be assured of seeing a huge improvement in your results.

You will convert more customers, earn more money and be well on your way to real affiliate success!
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