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Which Cash Gifting Program? There Are So Many!

Jul 4, 2008
Cash gifting is huge today. New programs are springing up all over the Internet and more and more people are getting involved. No doubt you have seen numerous videos showing people opening envelops stuffed full of cash. Is this real? And with so many programs available, which program is the best?

First of all, cash gifting is real. People are receiving gifts of cash through these programs, and lives are being changed. As a result, cash gifting seems to have a mass appeal to just about everyone no matter where you live in the world and appears to have a higher conversion overall compared to other home-based programs.

So which is the best program and is this something you should be involved in?
That's for you to decide. I would encourage you to do a through search on cash gifting. There is a wealth of information available. From my research, here is a brief review of several of the major cash gifting programs.

NOSS123, Spirit of Wealth & Cash Arrives 365
I have linked these three programs together because they are so similar. They each utilize the 1Up cash flow structure. Meaning that 100% of the first gift you receive in the program rolls up to your inviter. Each program has 3 levels of participation: $500, $1,500 and $3,500. Each program is professionally monitored by a 3rd party tracking software system that keeps track of referrals and gifts received. The tracking software runs about $100-$120 per year.

NOSS is not internet based and they have strict policies about how you can actually market the program and will delete you from the system if you violate their terms. SOW and Cash Arrives 365 allow you to market online as well as off-line.

The Overnight Cash System (TOCS)
While NOSS, SOW and CA365 are all very similar, TOCS is different. It is newer than NOSS, SOW or CA365. It has 5 levels of gifting: $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000. TOCS has one of the most professional systems out there. Interested prospects can visit the website to read all about the program, listen to audio recordings, read the testimonies, watch the movies, call in on a toll-free number or submit a callback request. Experienced team leaders return calls so members to not have to speak to any prospects or answer questions.

TOCS, like NOSS, SOW and CA365, uses the traditional 1Up cash flow structure. As you advance from tier to tier you must gift your inviter the full amount of that tier before you can participate at that level.

TOCS fees range from $200 - $1,000 yearly depending on the level you participate in and there is a monthly hosting fee of $29.95.

My Viral Cash-Flow System
The My Viral Cash-Flow System is the newest of the cash gifting programs. It launched in May of 2008 and is very unique.

First, it offers a free trial membership. A person can join the program, receive a website to market, experience the training and community spirit, and keep 1/2 of the gifts generated through the website. A free member pays no administration fee.

Second, My Viral Cash-Flow System employees a unique reverse 1/2UP cash flow structure instead of the traditional 1Up structure. How does this work? The member gets to keep 100% of the first gift they receive and only passes up 1/2 of the second gift to their inviter. This system is designed with the new person in mind; it is designed to help them succeed quicker.

Third, the My Viral Cash-Flow System has six levels of participation: Free, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000. A member moving from one level of participation to a higher level only gifts the difference between the two levels. There is also a yearly $299 admin fee.

Fourth, the My Viral Cash-Flow System also has an additional complete prospecting system that tracks, filters, emails and manages your prospects for the first month for $1, and 100 leads can be added at no additional cost. If you choose to keep the prospecting system it will be either $24.95 or $49.95 monthly after the first month.

There are many very good cash gifting programs available to anyone interested in cash gifting. Each program has pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses. You need to check out each one to see which one is right for you.
About the Author
Jimmy Barry lives near Atlanta Ga. and works for a non profit organization. He has been marketing online since August 07 and has been involved in helping people become leaders. Visit his website to learn more about cash gifting: http://CashToYou247.com
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