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Will Liberty League Make You Money?

Jul 4, 2008
Read this article over before you go and join Liberty League. You'll be glad you did.

The big question everyone wants to know about any online business including Liberty League is whether or not it's a scam. Do I think it's a scam. Honestly I would say no. Liberty League is not a scam. Does that mean I'd recommend you signing up today for the League. Well let's first take a closer look at what Liberty League is all about first.

Liberty League has been around the block now for quite some time. Several yrs in fact. Brent Payne and Shane Krider are the founders of Liberty League. The company is based out of Scotts Dale, Arizona.

Liberty League was founded for two reasons. To give people freedom and the life they always wanted. And by using the personal development products that the company carries you will be given the help you need to get there.

So looking at the business side of the company you can become a member and sell their products. Then you have the personal development side of Liberty League where you use the products to better you life.

Now I believe Brent Payne and Shane Krider had a great idea here to market and sell personal development products for their business. However it's the price tag of these products that makes me think maybe this isn't the right choice.

Looking closer at the three personal development products, let's see what we have. 1st there is the Beyond Freedom Program ($1495). 2nd there is the Liberty Conference ($7.995). Last there is the Summit Conference (12,995). I won't go into details about the products but will go over some numbers here.

You don't have to go and buy any of Liberty League products to become a member. You just pay $49.95 for your website and your off and running. This is were I see a problem with Liberty League. Before you can make any money with the company you first are going to have to pass up five of your first sales to your sponsor. Then you can make money for yourself.

You are given the option to buy the Beyond Freedom program. The you will only have to pass up your first two sales two your sponsor instead of five. Personally I'm not found of any company that uses a pass-up style compensation plan. Most of the companies out there still do this, but the newer onces are getting away from this.

So to cap things off here my conclusion would be to continue your search for the perfect online business. Liberty League although they have some very good products, it's the price of the products that are in question. It's also Liberty League's flawed compensation plan that makes me suggest to everyone to continue searching for a better online business.
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