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A Review of the GBG Income Opportunity

Jul 4, 2008
On the surface the GBG income opportunity and its product looks to be something worthwhile. However, this is a MLM opportunity and while these may work for some people and some products, they do not work for everyone and everything.

That does not stop everyone from trying. With this particular product, the disclaimer reads that the product has not been evaluated by the FDA or GBG itself as to the validity of what it claims. Therefore, by taking this opportunity you are promoting a product, in this case a liquid vitamin, which has not been evaluated as to its effectiveness, the quality of the ingredients or that the ingredients are what they say they are.

Because this is also an MLM opportunity, it means that not only are you required to sell the product but you are also required to recruit others if you want to make a decent monthly income. These people have to be encouraged not only to purchase the product which is usually a requirement of maintaining your ability to sell it but also to sell the product to others and to recruit others in order to increase the levels that you receive income from.

Once you have sponsored your representatives and built your matrixes they only work if those representatives continue to purchase. If one drop out you loses that income, making it a highly volatile way of earning money, this is not to say that it does not work for some people. It is just not an opportunity for everyone.

GBG makes a number of claims that it's product does all of these things but has nothing to back it up. Customers like to see that what they are purchasing especially something they are ingesting as it is in this case is something that is safe, approved and there is proof it does what it says it does. With no studies to back it up the product is working on testimonials alone which makes it a hard sell overall.

MLM opportunities are frequently found and often times are not as easy as they look. They sometimes require more than they advertise in purchases, marketing you do yourself, or you may end up making less than advertised. Despite the free offer for a free business, website and back office, training, inclusion into the GBG team and extensive marketing resources it is not all for free. In order to maintain membership you have to purchase at least one bottle a month of the specified product.

The training is usually hard to understand and not as complete as some may like and the marketing resources usually end up as advice on where to drop off flyers and place ads which you end up paying for the creation of and the placement fees. These marketing techniques may or may not then show results but in the mean time, you have spent money investing in marketing and the product of the free business.

We think the GBG business will work for anyone willing to put in the effort.
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