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A Review of Reverse Funnel System Marketer Ty Coughlin

Jul 4, 2008
Whether you're just starting out on internet marketing for your business or you've been in the game for a while but feel that business could be better, one name that you will begin hearing quite a bit of is Ty Coughlin. Ty Coughlin's reverse funnel system is one that has been making a splash with some MLM businesses, but in some ways, it is still quite obscure.

Essentially, Ty Coughlin's reverse funnel system is built up from automation and client lists. This proprietary system is one that claims to allow for fast turn around and a strong increase in the successful location of interested clients. Far from being industry specific, Ty Coughlin's work seems directed at everyone who has an interest in marketing on the internet. One of the biggest detriments of the Ty Coughlin system, however, is how little is known about it. Both his site and the references to it make very little beyond the simple statements about what his products offer.

One of the biggest concerns about Ty Coughlin's system is that he offers a truly enormous payoff for little to know investment. The promises on his site suggest an end goal of something like thirty five thousand dollars a week as long people follow his revolutionary reverse funnel system, but without signing up, there aren't many ways to judge his operation. The Ty Coughlin method, for better or for worse, remains somewhat suspiciously obscure, without any corroboration or testimonials that are readily available.

In favor of Ty Coughlin and his reverse funnel system, however, the site does specifically refer to the fact that there are no guarantees in business, and it does honestly say that you can make quite a lot of money or break even, as with any business. Similarly in his favor, Ty Coughlin's plan and proposals are actually not a get rich scheme in and of themselves; instead they consist of a way to get clients for any industry or business.

Before joining a system like the Reverse Funnel System, you have to be aware that there will be a lot of expenses and in order to monetize this properly you will have to have a good upline sponsor willing to personally mentor you.

This is not always easy to find. You will need to interview a few people using this system and decide who you want to work with. This will be the person willing to do three way calls with your prospects. Also make sure they at least have a good cursory knowledge of internet marketing. Don't pick an upline just because they are the company star.

While at the end of the day, some more testimonials and more information need to be forthcoming before Ty Coughlin's plan can be fully evaluated, it can easily be seen that there may be some valuable lessons to be learned from the reverse funnel system. At this point, the system seems to require investors and interested parties who are a bit braver and more interested in larger payoffs and are less concerned with possible risks.
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