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A Review of the Global Travel International Income Opportunity

Jul 4, 2008
If you've been looking for a home-based business to try, you may have noticed how popular the travel industry is in this regard. One of these companies is Global Resorts Network, or GRN. The question is, does GRN actually work, or is it another "promise the earth, deliver nothing" kind of opportunities? A little bit of both, actually.

The way that Global Resorts Network works is by offering high-end vacations at extremely low-end prices. For example, say someone wants to holiday in the Caribbean and it might cost $1,000 - that same vacation can be had through GRN. However, this is just the vacation price benefit - the real deal comes with becoming an affiliate rep, selling the membership that offers these discounted vacations.

To become a rep at GRN, you pay a one-off lifetime membership fee of just under $3,000, which then entitles you to buy unlimited discounted vacations at the resorts in question. And with even the top resorts costing no more that $700 to stay at for a week, you can see how this benefits the buyer.

Once you're a member, you can then go on to sell the same membership onto friends, colleagues, business leads - anyone, basically, in order to build your little business venture up. And with vacations being one of the constant things in anyone's life, you can see where the potential for extra income comes from.

When you sign up a new member underneath you, you receive $1,000 from their membership fees in commission. On top of that, you also receive another $1,000 "roll-up commission" on each one of their sales - for life. So the potential is definitely there to make a solid residual income for as long as you're a member of the Global Resorts Network.

The really good news about GRN is that, so far, it seems to be a genuinely good opportunity for the average person to make a financial difference in their life. Even if you only manage to sign up 4-5 of your friends or family, you'll receive a nice bonus to put toward your own discounted vacations.

To date, there have also been no complaints about the way that GRN works to any of the consumer websites such as Consumer Affairs and similar. So is GRN that diamond amongst the rough, in that there are no setbacks to it at all? Not quite.

Although GRN has what appears to be an excellent product and business opportunity, it's not really geared to supporting that with extensive marketing. Instead, what is recommended is that you sign up with something along the lines of the Reverse Funnel System, if you're serious about generating leads for your business. The problem here is that the RFS costs add considerably to what you've already paid.

An average $3-4,000 to get a good database, coupled with an average $300 per month for training and marketing costs, make the RFS an expensive way to succeed to any great level with Global Resorts Network. However, if you can afford that expense and wish to join a business where you can make some great returns, then GRN is definitely one of the better options out there.
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