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A Review of the Gibline Income Opportunity

Jul 4, 2008
What is the Gibline company and what kind of business opportunity to they provide? Well, there seems to be one of three companies, GibLink that give a link to the business network, promoting business.

GibLine is Revenue Sharing, that connect entrepreneurs from across the world providing a revenue sharing plan. This plan gives anyone the opportunity to share in the experience of building an Internet phenomenon and reap the benefits it brings.

GibLinks web 2.0 has opened the doorway, letting people in from all over the world. It is the worlds first to offer subscribers a great opportunity. And that opportunity is GibLine, which is revenue share in the fast grown IT Market. Then there is the GibSales at the end of this trio.

But lets go into more detail as to what the company is as far as a business opportunity for yourself. It works with whatever product you are marketing. This is to help you get your online store out in the open for everyone to see.

There are some tips to help you do this successfully and a bit more easily:

First you will want to create a mailing list. There are some customers who like to be notified when something new comes out for their review. You can also have a space on your website for them to sign up for your newsletter or mailer. But make it an option, because there are just as many that don't want to be on a mailing list.

Second you will want to take advantage of the search engine tools. You want to get your site ranked in the search engines. They have the information to help you do this. But you can also find all the information right on Google itself. What you are going for is to have yours website ranked up in the top ten of your competition. If you don't have any traffic, you have an empty store.

Third, you can sell your product on Ebay. There is so much traffic that goes to Ebay and with this kind of traffic, you are bound to get some to your site as well.

Fourth, use Google Ad Words keywords. You can do this but you may need a large budget to work with. If you aren't familiar with this, they are the little ads that you see on the side of the screen on most web pages.

Fifth is to post information to forums on your topic. If you can find a forum that is relevant to yours, then you can get in on and make comments and add some suggestions. You cannot come right out and advertise your site, but you can create the interest, then leave your comment with your signature link and a link to your website.

Sixth and final, if you are posting ads, using SEO technology, or writing to the forums, make sure to keep track of your results. That way you know what is working and what is not. You don't want to waste any time with those that are stagnant. You want to bring in that Gibline traffic and sales.

And it is the revenues from this that Gibline will provide for you as well as others. Check it out.
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